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Daily study time






Hi everyone. Can people give me some advice on how can i fit wanikani in my very busy schedule. Working full time and family to look after. I want to enjoy learning at the moment because of the too many lessons and reviews i do daily. Because of the information overloading, i feel overwhelmed and sometimes frustrated, i am not concerned about finishing the 60 levels in one year, which would be too much to my circumstances. Maybe 2 years or a bit more is realistic in my case. Doing wanikani at the moment in this speed stopping me from doing other things like studying Japanese grammar don’t know i feel addictive as well as i want to finish the level. How much time i should spend moderately. How many lesson. How many reviews.
Many thanks in advance

If you’re super busy I would probably advise 5 or 10 lessons a day. Your mentality also needs to be one of “it’s finished when its finished.” I do 15 lessons a day and while my total WK is about 30 minutes a day (max), the timing of your reviews can make your schedule difficult. 5-10 is on the slower side but you should finish in about 2.5 years at that speed. I have work full time and a family as well but I also have a lot of downtime between work and commuting. I try to go at a pace that doesn’t effect those in a negative way as when I was going full speed I drove my family kind of crazy and i didn’t do anything else regarding Japanese study. So I think in your case its best to ignore metrics and focusing on the day. Getting your reviews done should be the priority over learning new terms if you have to choose, which will happen on some days.

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