CORS policy blocking JS

I have some errors in my console even when I turn off all userscripts that say JS files could not be fetched because of the server’s CORS policy. This makes it impossible to access menus, update anything async like next review times, or to use userscripts (although I want to stress that this is happening without any scripts enabled).


I think the site went down for a sec


It does seem to be working for me now!


Yep, we were messing with some attributes on our javascript tags, and they conflicted with our CORS policies. We didn’t see the issue in any of our testing (automated or manual) — apologies for the “live site” only problem!

It’s been reverted and everyone should be back in business.


Somehow I’m experiencing this exact same issue again…

This is the Open Framework userscript, and the developer thread pointed me here last time it occurred, and the issue indeed disappeared at that point.

Browser is Firefox Developer Edition 101 beta 9

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