Copy All Unknown Kanji On Page

I’m posting this to ask if there is a chrome add on that copies a web page’s kanji if they are beyond your level to a text list.

Tampermonkey is a chrome add on that will highlight kanji relative to your level, and has the capability to copy all known kanji to a list. Is there a way to do the reverse? Please let me know. Thanks so much!

Tampermonkey is an add-on that lets you run all kinds of scripts, even ones that have nothing to do with Japanese. I’ll let the creator of the kanji highlighter script know that you asked and maybe he has some ideas about how to do what you’re asking about.

Hey, I’m the author of that script. Indeed, Tampermonkey is the name of the Chrome extension that allows you to install my script. :smiley: What exactly do you mean by “reverse”? Copy all WaniKani kanji that you don’t know yet? Or just copy all unknown kanji on a website? Either way, I can add both features to the script later today!

I’d like to copy all kanji I don’t know to text similarly to how you are already able to copy all the kanji you do know. Though it would also be nice to have all 3 options: known, unknown, don’t know yet. Let me know if it is doable for you and thanks so much for your contribution!

God, I really need to rewrite this script!
Hope this works for you
It only has the thing that I think you asked for - all kanji in the upper levels that you haven’t reached yet. I can add more stuff another time if necessary.

I appreciate it so much! Thanks a ton.

I’ve been testing out the function a bit and I’ve noticed it only copies the completely green kanji for known and anything else as unknown. Would it be possible to only copy kanji beyond your level (ones in complete red)?

I’m not sure if I understand - “Beyond your level” should also include the yellow-ish ones - the completely red ones are the ones in the very last levels.
The way it’s now, it will copy all kanji the next level onwards up to level 50. I.e. if I set my current level to 49 it will only copy “漂簿墳壮奮仰銘搬把淀伯堤訂巧堰彰廷鰐峰亭疫晶洞涯后翻偶軌諮蟹鬱唐駄” which is level 50.


Derp, for whatever reason, its working the way aI want it to now. Never mind XD. Extremely helpful for…

Oh, I’m glad to hear that! I’ve had plans to completely rewrite the entire script, btw. I wanted to make an ultimate swiss army knife for kanji in your web browser, that would include filtering out all unknown kanji out of text and managing custom groups etc., I’ve had all kinds of stuff in mind but I haven’t gotten around to realizing those ideas yet :stuck_out_tongue: