[Compatibility Mode] Version Bump to 0.2.0

Hey all,

We’re pushing out an update to lesson slides today that replaces the code driving notes with React (it was all driven by jQuery). It’ll be on production in the next little bit (less than 30 minutes). Those with compatibility mode on won’t see any changes here.

A few notes:

  • We’ve kept the implementation narrowly scoped for now to make sure we’re not destroying notes everywhere. This is only going to show up in the lesson slides, not the lesson quiz.
  • We’ve preserved the current functionality, including some of the weirdness about how notes in lessons are read and persisted. We’ll be making that behavior more logical in the near future.
  • We found a standing bug that made notes entered in the slides not show up in the quiz (or between showing the notes for the items if you see it more than once in the quiz). That’s been fixed as of this morning.

You can see our brief release notes to see the progress so far.


Oh no, when React replaces the <div> with the <form>, the <form> is always inserted as the last element, even if a userscript had added elements after the <div> :sweat_smile:

Well, it was only a matter of time until something like this happens – tomorrow I have to think about how to handle this in my script.

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oho! A vertical bug :eyes: :bug:


I’m nihongo jouzu now. Thank you, Wanikani :crabigator: :heart:

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