Update to the kana IME input charts in lessons

This update is part of the slow transition of converting the lesson’s front end with React. It’ll be live in the next hour.

The kana IME input charts, which are accessible under the quizzing portion of lessons, has been updated to React.

Primary goal was to get it updated to React and retain functionality, but we added some easy wins along the way:

  • The charts (and the tabs) are now structured better in HTML.
  • Some accessibility improvements. It could be better, but we did as much as we could given the state of the entire page.
  • Visual improvements. Tabs look more like tabs. And clickable areas look more like buttons.

If you are using scripts, this updates the compatibility mode version from 0.5.0 to 0.6.0.

Below is the kana chart prior to the change.

And the change…


Always nice to see $JS_FRAMEWORK in action!


The fonts look weird. I guess I’m… glad? it’s not a bug? I guess.

Ah, well. Time to adjust to forced change. (* ̄▽ ̄)

edit- just did first batch of today’s lessons. It went well, but boy do I dislike the new font.

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The font should be the same as before, as demonstrated in the videos above. Can you share what you are seeing?

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