Color coding kun'yomi vs. on'yomi mnemonics

When I started writing flash cards for Spanish nouns, I always color coded the image to match the noun’s gender (e.g. reddish image for female nouns and bluish for male nouns). This worked great for me and my miss-rate recalling the proper article ( la vs. el) is still very low.

Starting my Japanese learning journey, my first question was how to utilize color coding in Japanese. After getting the number readings mixed up again and again, I decided to use red for kun’yomi reading mnemonics and blue for on’yomi mnemonics.

So far this has been working great. Here are a few examples:

A blue GOdzilla knocks down 5 blue buildings and then ITSu (eats) 5 red Golden Gate bridges.

A blue hunter SHUUTSU (shoots you) while you try to exit the mountains. He wants to see you bloody red DEd (dead.)

Is anyone else doing this? What are some of your examples?


I just use this userscript to change on’yomi to katakana as this is how you will see it in dictionaries etc

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