ChristopherFritz's Study Log

I’ve been using the Flaming Durtles Android app to do offline WaniKani reviews on my bus commutes. Aside from this reducing the amount I do at home (bad, because I know I’ll just catch up on the bus), it’s been a great asset, and one I plan to keep using.

When I first saw there was an Anki mode, I tried it, didn’t like it (for my own personal use), and switched back to “input answer”. But I’d like to try something faster for use on the bus (or else all my manga reading time goes to iKnow and WaniKani). So this morning I tried out the Anki mode again, and here’s my experience with it:


  • In WaniKani, I don’t pay attention to whether I’m being asked for meaning or reading. I find out when I go to enter one, and my meaning comes out in hiragana or my reading doesn’t, then I switch over to the other. With Anki mode, if I think of the meaning when it’s asking for reading (or the other way around), I end up seeing the answer I didn’t try to recall yet.

    • To combat this, I’ve set lessons to show meaning and reading back-to-back, and I think of both meaning and reading at the same time at the first card. This does have what feels like cons, but I don’t know if they are:

      • I get less mental exercise versus when I have to think of meaning and reading separately, at two different times.

      • If I get a card wrong, I’m immediately given the same card again. This doesn’t give me time to drop the card out of mind and then have to recall it again later.

  • I have trouble with じゅ vs じゅう, and I don’t properly think of it being one or the other before revealing the answer.


  • I’m exposed to see all meanings. If a kanji or vocabulary has multiple similar but slightly different meanings, and I always use only one when inputting the answer, I’ll not be familiar with the others. This gives me a chance to see them and have them in mind as similar or alternate meanings.

  • When keying in a meaning, sometimes I put in a wrong answer, but it gets picked up as right. This can contribute to me learning the wrong form of a verb (such as “separate” vs “separately”). This isn’t a problem on the web site where it tells me if my answer is a little off, but I wasn’t getting that in the app possibly due to my settings. With Anki mode, since I see the answers, I can tell if I thought of a wrong variation of the word.

I’ll try using Anki mode a bit more and see if I want to stick with it, or if it feels like actually inputting the words is beneficial (even if it means dealing the slowdown of entering typos that I need to fix before submitting an answer).

I will say, getting a bunch of burns in a row while in Anki mode (I was going from card to card pretty quickly) felt really nice.