Children's television programs, and where to find them

I have little knowledge regarding language acquisition generally and learning Japanese specifically. However, it is my understanding that people learn a lot from hearing/watching foreign conversations. Additionally, when watching videos, it helps if any subtitles presented are in the language you are trying to learn.
Saying all that, what is the Sesame Street equivalent in Japan? Is there a place where I can acquire these television programs?
I’m under the impression that they would contain simpler grammar, eh?


Here you can find a whole bunch of those :+1:

EDIT: I tried watching some of those in the past… but the way I wouldn’t be back with Sesame Street… well, it’s not different in Japanese.


Thank you for the rec, those Morals programs are pretty cute!

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I wouldn’t necessarily recommend children’s programs for language study. By all means watch them if you find them interesting, but I wouldn’t rate them above other material in your target language, and especially not for the specific use of learning at beginner level.

Children are still native and usually fluent speakers of their language. So, while vocabulary use will certainly be less broad, the grammar will not necessarily be any easier for you to understand.
Additionally, the language used in a children’s TV show will be targeted toward children. This could include made-up or nonsense words, as well as use of language in circumstances that may not actually be useful to you as an adult. Remember, these are programs made with the purpose of entertaining children.

In my opinion, you’d be better off looking into material intended for adults (13+). Fiction books would be a good place to look if you’re interested in that.
I believe this website lists a few things by their level of difficulty level for L2 learners:

Thank you so much!

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I have subscribed to TV Japan for $25 a month on Direct TV in the U.S. I love the children’s programs, especially “Chatty Jay’s Sundry Shop”. I am understanding quite a bit of it, and it is a very fun program. I also watch the other kids’ programs as well as the other regular programming. It helps a lot, in my opinion.

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