Can I pass N3?; JLPT in Japan

Hi, for a short introduction on learning the language, I am an Engineer from the Philippines who just started learning Nihongo on June of last year. I learned from a Japanese teacher using, and finishing, Minna No Nihongo I and II until November and then passed last year’s December JLPT N4 considerably well. Though, I have been busy during the early months of this year and have only started preparing for N3 just last April, that I will take this Sunday. I just recently completed Tobira along with it’s workbook last week, which inclines more to Exchange students than JLPT takers but has almost all of the included grammar in N3, along with Sou Matome N3’s Grammar and Kanji books. If I had enough time I could have tried Shin Kanzen Master as it is very well recommended but I have had no such opportunities. For practice I have tried 日本語能力試験N3模試と対策 and got a score that’ll pass JLPT but not the book’s recommendation which is 80% of 180, the mock JLPT test at the site, and JLPT’s official listening exams for listening practice. I have yet to try JCAT but since I just got my password sent to me, I’m planning to take it tonight.
Additionally, I am using the apple version of ‘Japanese’, a very convenient dictionary imo, to create lists for my vocabs and kanji and it has also an SRS quiz function, ‘Benkyo’ a quiz app for vocabs and kanji in multiple choice (I just recently learned that it’s not a good format), and ‘Tsukiji’ for Android, which is good for Kanji but has less options of customizing.
I guess I kind of covered all of the grammar points but have not tried to use them in real conversations yet, so there are case where I tend to forget a few of them since I learned them cramming and not in moderation. This is also the same case with my vocabs and kanji that I’ll polish after the JLPT exam and that is why I don’t have enough confidence for the N3 exam this coming Sunday that I am really hoping to pass since I am aiming to take N2 this December. (I already bought Shin Kanzen Master N2 Grammar and Vocabulary that I will start after I polished my N3 skills. Hehe.)
So yea, that’s it. Do you have any advice? Btw, I just discovered Wanikani last week and started it just last Sunday (hence, Level 2. Lol.) It’s a great program along with a very warm community. Sorosoro, goodluck to us who will take the exam this Sunday. Ganbarou! Oh another one, I was just transferred here in Japan, Nerima in particular, and have been living here for almost a month now. For the JLPT, I will be taking it at Mejiro Daigaku. Anyone here, who will be taking the exam at the same place?

Fellow Filipino and Engineer in Japan, been here for 3 years but I slacked for 2 years and did not study kanji, did some random grammar studies tho. This year I started learning Japanese more seriously. How was the exam? Did you pass N3?If yes how long have you been studying japanese before you passed N3?

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Ohh hi! Where do you reside? Yes I passed N3 and got a good enough score. I have been studying for more than year since I started Nihongo last July of 2017. The jump from N4 to N3 isn’t that wide and it was really doable even though I only started studying really hard 2 months before the exam. I would suggest Tobira, it has two books, one for reading and one workbook. It took me 2 months to finish the book along with Sou Matome N3 Kanji and Grammar. Goodluck mate!

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I will take N3 end if this year. I am using Tobira which imo is quite a big gap from other basic textbooks.

Yes, but it really is beneficial after all those finishing all those block of texts. They are interesting anyway.

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