Can I do something with the example sentences?

Hi all,

I’m concerned that using WaniKani will make me focus exclusively on kanji/vocabulary and not at all on grammar. I see sample sentences with the vocab items, but is there a way to learn those sentences together with the kanji/vocab items I’m learning?

I’m currently translating random sentences from the Tanaka corpus into English, and comparing my results to the translations. But (a) the quality of that corpus is terrible and (b) I encounter 90% kanji I’ve never seen before. It would be great if I could study these sentences separately.

Is this possible somehow? Are the sentences at least available separately, not only when you are studying vocab?


You shouldn’t be trying to learn grammar through WaniKani. You will be much better off learning through outside sources. You can check this thread for a full list of recommended resources by the community. Personally I’m mostly learning grammar through Genki, Bunpro, and a small bit of Tae Kim.

EDIT: Just to add a bit more clarification, the entire point of WaniKani is to focus on kanji. By not trying to also teach in grammar it is able to excel more so in that category.


Thank you for your swift response and helpful link!

You could also have a look at the Graded Readers Sets published on Kindle to accompany the Kanji Learners Course. You can download the first volume free from the author’s website
It consists of sample sentences for each kanji in the order they are learned in the KLC, and each sentence has links to grammar sources. I find the sentences are much more useful than those in Wankani.

What I did is study, very specifically, the example sentences of some of the leeches I was having troubles with. (Specifically, I copy and pasted the japanese sentences into a word document and translated them myself). This gives me both grammar practice and practice with my leeches.

Otherwise, I do agree that there’s better ways to study grammar than wanikani.

Yes, I would highly highly suggest you stop doing this. It’s not just that they’re terrible, but they’re also not written by native speakers in many cases.

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