Buying books

I was almost there… at the last part entered my creditcard details… and when I pressed the Pay button the payment process got stuck. Waited for 10 minutes, then aborted. Going to give this a short rest now and will try again later :wink:

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I usually pay via PayPal, but I can’t really remember about Amazon part.

About multiple accounts, I believe the app can be cloned, at least in Android. I have never tried that, though; but I have logged out in Kindle before… as expected.

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Phew! Finally it worked for me. Payment with Paypal on Bookwalker worked and I could open the book in my app. Then I wanted to buy some more books, chose Paypal again… then got the message that some Ebooks can’t be bought using Paypal outside of Japan :-/
But then I tried it with creditcard again and this time it worked.

Thanks again all, couldn’t have figured this out without your help!


Glad you got it sorted. I really like. BookWalker for buying books but I wish their app was better.

Now that you have an account, you may want to check out the Freebies thread:


Amazon is a pain in the ass, so I just use bookwalker for digital. Though with a US Amazon account I do recommend getting Crystal Hunters on kindle. (It’s a manga that teaches Japanese).

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I like bookwalker. Never got the jp amazon to work with ebooks…

But to be honest i prefer my books and manga in print :sweat_smile: slightly more expensive, i have to wait for it to ship and the kanji/ word look up is more difficult, but i can put some post its in it or take it on the train and i just like “owning” it.

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My issue with bookwalker is that it’s hellishly slow to load the pages and, especially on mobile, if you so much as glance at the app wrong, it will reload the page.
Never had a single issue with amazon, buying is instant too

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