Buying books

I was almost there… at the last part entered my creditcard details… and when I pressed the Pay button the payment process got stuck. Waited for 10 minutes, then aborted. Going to give this a short rest now and will try again later :wink:

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I usually pay via PayPal, but I can’t really remember about Amazon part.

About multiple accounts, I believe the app can be cloned, at least in Android. I have never tried that, though; but I have logged out in Kindle before… as expected.

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Phew! Finally it worked for me. Payment with Paypal on Bookwalker worked and I could open the book in my app. Then I wanted to buy some more books, chose Paypal again… then got the message that some Ebooks can’t be bought using Paypal outside of Japan :-/
But then I tried it with creditcard again and this time it worked.

Thanks again all, couldn’t have figured this out without your help!


Glad you got it sorted. I really like. BookWalker for buying books but I wish their app was better.

Now that you have an account, you may want to check out the Freebies thread: