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Hello, I´m learning all this stuff from wanikani and wanted to make a step further and start with grammar and sentence formation. Any recomendations how to do that, any good books to start with? Thank youu.


Sounds like you are in the need of the basics =)
This is a good place to start:

If you want to learn the basics you should consider getting the Genki textbooks and workbooks. They may be boring but if you do the exercises in the books you will definitely have a solid foundation for the japanese language.

Genki books are indeed boring (at least to me), but they get the job done. They provide new grammar structures in each chapter. They are not the best for explaining nuances, but overally they are ok. Notabene I only finished chapters 1-5 in Genki 1 second edition, so I am not an expert here.

But I can recommend this youtuber explaining details that Genki does not cover, he goes through each chapter and is pretty cool :sunglasses:
(Yup, legit, non-toxic show on YT which actually brings value to learning)


There are three parts right? and are they answer sheets too? Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks ! He´s really cool !

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