Best Grammar And Listening Resource

What is the best source for Grammar. I have the Genki 1 book and that seems to be pretty good. Ive also been using DeerLingo which works pretty well. Any other sources anyone can think of. Also does anybody have any advice for good ways to get better at listening. Ive been watching Terrace House but they speak way to fast for me to even start catching on. Any advice would be helpful


A few reasonable places to start:

Memrise (the official Japanese courses)
Michel Thomas
Japanese Ammo (above)
Erin’s Challenge
Let’s Learn Japanese

etc. etc.

It takes a long time to get an ear for the language, and even longer if you don’t even know what 95% of the words mean, even if you could understand the syllables perfectly. But you have to start somewhere…

I’ve tried some of the above, and have settled on Pimsleur CDs from the library, mostly because they work well with my daily commute. However, I don’t expect to be able to watch Japanese Dramas without subtitles anytime soon.

Good luck!.


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