Beginner book recommendation: 小説ミラーさん

Since I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere I thought some of you might be interested in this great beginner level novel.

I’m somewhere in between N5 and N4 (Genki chapter 16 currently) and WaniKani level 14. The difficulty is just perfect and I can read most of it slowly but fluently with some guessing or looking up of unknown words here and there.

Although I have never taken a look into the “Minna no nihongo” series, the main character of this story ミラーさん is presumably the “Minna no nihongo” main guy. Like メアリーさん and たけしさん in Genki I guess. It’s a light but somewhat interesting, all text no pictures story. I do wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone around my current level.

If anyone could recommend similar books, I’d be very grateful since I’ve alreay read all the White Rabbit Press graded readers and I’m not really interested in manga (よつばと and the like).


I just received mine this week!
We use みんなの日本語 in class and our teacher recommended the book for our level.
really looking forward to reading it :blush:


I’m reading this now! This will probably be my first ever completed books in Japanese.

Are any of you reading it now?


It feels great to be able to read a whole book, doesn’t it. I’d be very glad if I could find something of similar style and difficulty.


There’s a second book that has a higher difficulty


Very cool, thanks! I didn’t notice that a new one came out.

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