Been neglecting WaniKani for almost a year now. Wanting to come back but overwhelmed at the work load

Seanblue has a good idea, and save for (partial) reset, I think the only other alternative is to put your trust in the SRS. :slight_smile:

If you do X amount of reviews a day - you can simply get wrong whatever you’ve forgotten. If, for example, you tell yourself that you won’t go over 100 apprentice-level items (built up over a few days, I’d personally recommend), you know that your reviews won’t get too out of hand.

Instead of resetting and working through lessons like new, you can treat your review pile like your lesson pile. If you don’t remember: honestly fail the item, go over the mnemonics again as needed, and keep working through them.

If you do reviews on PC, you can install the Ultimate Timeline script, it’ll give you insight in up to a fortnight of your upcoming review schedule. That way you can also reconsider how many items you might want to add if you want to ensure not to get bogged down.

After a year of absence, everything apart from you burned items is in that queue right now. As I see it: you can do a (partial) reset for a clear head about where you are and what you’re doing with the guidance of WK, or you can choose to refresh/relearn from your review pile.

The only benefit to the latter, in my opinion, is that troublesome items will go back to the beginning of the SRS, while words that you really, truly know won’t be taking up your time, since you’ll advance them and get them out of the way.

I’m not sure that made any sense, since I’m very tired today, but whichever choice you’re more comfortable with: best of luck! Very neat that you’re taking classes.