"Bad day" approaches

Ugh, you ever just have one of those days where no matter which reviews you get, you just can’t seem to get any of them right, even the easy ones?

What do you do? Do you stop once you realize your mojo is off or do you power through all your reviews? Sometimes I find that even the time of day can affect my accuracy!


I stop and do something else. I have a very limited WK fuse, so sometimes I’ll ragequit the session after like 10 reviews. Sometimes I’ll do some other aspect of Japanese (grammar, reading, etc), sometimes I think my brain just isn’t in the mood for Japanese so I let it go.


Wrap up as soon as I realise it. I’d rather take a little longer on my wk journey than risk souring my relationship with it haha

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I will up this sometimes with “every time”. And after I’ve done my 10 reviews, I see if I’m in the mood to do ten more. (Pretty often I am!)

As long as you do this many times during a day you’ll usually end up with 0 in the end.

I just do not have it in me to do long batches of SRS any more.


If I start making dumb mistakes then it’s usually a sign I need to go to bed and I come back in the morning.

If it’s daytime then maybe I’m distracted (in which case wrap up outside influences and come back in a few minutes), or I’ve read so much Japanese that I need to relax (take a nap, or spend an hour doing something else, and come back).

In general I’m fine with doing chunks of 50 or 100 reviews when I’m having a good day and my brain feels sharp. On bad days I tend to do chunks of 10 while on my phone and wrapped in blankets in bed.


I got very angry at myself because I missed one kanji 洛 and it bumped down my time to next level up by 2 days

Definitely have those days (especially on bunpro, but also here).
Especially frustrating are the days where I get some wrong, look at the answer, say “ah that’s right, I knew that”, then it comes up again in the same session and I get it wrong AGAIN!

Power through. Eventually I’ll see them so many times I can’t possibly get them wrong ever again.


That sounds like you’re too tired or stressed. Or coming back from a break? Personally, never experienced that when consistently doing reviews twice a day daily.

Good days and tired days are both useful in their own rights. Good ones tend to be more active, and tired more passive.

It’s possible to force into the tiredness a little, but don’t overdo it – the debt will accumulate. Though, sometimes your mind might unexpectedly change, and start wanting to do it! Actually, powering through is a trick in its own right.

Wrap up button is useful. After the session is done, you can make a new review session later.


I usually just power through.
I tell myself if I dont know the answers on a bad day then I dont know them well enough yet, so its good to have them back at a lower srs level.


yah I’ve had guests staying at the household back to back for the past three weeks. It’s been brutal on my study habits.

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That’s understandable, sometimes we need to shift priorities.

I’d just keep doing reviews as best as you can. Failing an item is not a problem, it’s part of SRS.

The worst thing you can do at the moment is completely abandon your reviews. Then you’d come back to a huge pile and you won’t remember a lot of the items because you stopped drilling them.

That being said, on lvl 4 a huge pile shouldn’t be a problem just yet.


That’s exactly what I do! Eventually I learn the troublesome kanji.

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Wouldn’t getting it wrong a second time be a pretty good indication that you actually did not know it?

Yes. It is not a problem or a failure, it is just the process of learning it.

Worse, that even after being shown the correct answer, I can’t even remember it not 2 minutes later. On a normal day, I could do better than that with random strings of arbitrary numbers.

I find this often happens to me if I’m tired or distracted. My accuracy in the mornings is usually way higher than at night lol. Knowing that I try to do as many reviews as I can early in the day to leave just a small batch at night.

Otherwise I try not to worry about it. It can be really annoying though. If I wasn’t paying attention and assumed a kanji was another one then I might mark it as correct & just move on, but if I really didn’t know it I won’t. But I can tell that there’s a definite difference between those two scenarios. Like a ‘oh crap I read that one wrong, and totally know that kanji, I just need to slow down or pay attention more’ VS I’m staring at this kanji for a solid minute and my brain is a giant question mark. WK isn’t the be all end all, so I’m I try not to add stress if I don’t need it.

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I still do all my reviews on each day. For those words I miss I would either : accept it and move forward, or cheat if I feel I should have known under normal circumstances.

But I heavily rely on #1 as I tell myself there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to « read » when I am tired. So yeah, they add to my reviews quite a bit.

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