Autocomplete Radicals?

Anyone know of / working on an addon that auto completes radicals when they come up for review? Or anything else that can do something similar?

I really don’t like reviewing WaniKani’s radicals because a lot of times they are unrelated to the kanji that use them / made up to be something ridiculous that I personally don’t find to be aiding my memorization. I don’t see the purpose of memorizing them deeply and want to skip over them when I can.

Right now I’m just using the addon to set wrong answers to redos, but that’s kind of a hassle (and sometimes I accidentally double clicker enter before I can mark the answer as a redo).

I’m in the same boat. I just use review order, then open a tab and load up WK and go to the appropriate WK radicals page. Makes it less annoying, but a script for this would be great.

The kanji are made up of radicals. So I do not see how not learning the radicals would help you learn the kanji. You may not see the importance of them now, but you will in the future. 

when a radical comes up you can add a meaning to it on the left side of the meanings screen.  i’ve done this for a few of them.  then if you answer what what you’ve input, you will get the answer right - even if it’s not the assigned radical name that wanikani has given it.

side note - i’d love to know the addon for the redos and how to use it…

just curious, how do you then memorize kanji? for example, i can have a look at a new kanji for just a few seconds and if i know the radicals i can even write it down fairly accurate. without named radicals that would be a lot harder.

wouldn’t it be better to look up the classical meanings and add them? i often (not always) found those more useful (i.e. 也 as “to be”; not “alligator”. 池 then is “to be water” and 地 is “to be earth” - even makes sense!)

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Well, I still use them. It’s just I don’t feel like practicing to memorize some of the silly ones’ names.