Aria the Masterpiece Home Thread (Beginner Book Club / Aria Book Club)


Yes, it’s true that Non Non Biyori may be a good test! And then polls are always welcome…


@Radish8 I’m inclined to say we should read at least volume two at one chapter a week as well. We can always adjust it later if we want. And we should probably wait a few weeks after we finish volume one to make sure everyone has enough time to get a copy.

Even if I wanted used copies, I’d probably have trouble finding the entire series used from somewhere that can ship to the U.S. As it is, I expect to spend close to $120 on the whole series.

By the way, going forward I’d just fill out the schedule for Aria the Masterpiece’s chapters. It would be up to you to find the chapters in Aria if they aren’t in the same order. I could probably make the first post of this thread a wiki so you can add the details there.


Gives you time to have conversation in your other book club threads too.

I’m intending to go buy the rest of the series with my birthday money. Official English translation runs out at Aria volume 6, so I’ve only ever read fan translations after that…


From what I’ve seen of the fan translation of Aqua volume 1, it’s pretty bad… (at least that fan translation)


I’m in! :grinning: On my list for Book Off :joy:


Hah. From the bits of the translation that have an overlap, it’s not terrible, but it’s not very precise either. For example, one speech bubble in the fan translation has something like “Alicia’s in trouble!”, while the official English translation is “We’re in trouble, Alicia!”. Soooo, yeah. Translator also gripes a bit about the Chinese translaton he’s working with. Third-hand translations… not even gonna go there.


Sure. I’ll take photos later today.


Feels good to not need to rely on fan translation :smile: More than the translation being unreliable, I always found the erratic schedule to be the most annoying.


At least in this case, that wasn’t an issue for me - I spent so long waiting for ADV and/or Tokyopop to release the English version that by the time I turned to the fan translation out of sheer desperation, it had long been completed.


Well, that works in this specific case, but it could also have been that they dropped the project as well and that it was never completed :stuck_out_tongue:


All the more reason to become as fluent as possible. :slight_smile:


Here are the chapters. I just grabbed some quick photos.



Wow, 風邪とプリン is so far away!
社長の日常 (chapter 9 in my edition I think) was moved quite far back too…


Aye, we had that conversation a while back. Neither appeared in the original print of Aqua - I mean, 風とプリン features Alice, after all - only the second edition. Guess the Masterpiece edition elected to return them to their original places.

Actually, since you’ve got Aqua in Japanese, @Naphthalene, could you post an image of the omake panel that comes after 風とプリン? I’ve been wondering for a while whether what they’re saying in Japanese matches Tokyopop’s translation of it.


Sure. I’ll take a picture when I get home this evening (JP time)


There you go:

I don’t remember exactly what the translation was (IIRC you posted it somewhere), but it seems to be exactly the same.


Wow that handwriting is hard to read.


Really? :astonished: Well, I guess it’s a matter of practice…

It says




Edit: Having typed that, I honestly don’t see much difference between my computer’s font and the hand written part :confused:


Yep I couldn’t figure out 者, 単, and 参照. Part of the problem (apparently) was that I tried zooming in (on my phone) without clicking the image first. So it was a little blurry. I should have gotten 単 anyway though.


Yep, that seems like a pretty faithful translation.

Thanks for that. :slightly_smiling_face:

I imagine it’s not going to appear in the Masterpiece edition.