Apprentice items :(

Guys i have 230+ appretice items, and i dont want to take a week or two off becase i want to reach level 60 before the end of this year… not looking for any solutions or help i just wanted to share my misery in having such an absurdly high number of apprentice items lol[date=2022-09-17 timezone=“Asia/Dubai”]


It’s no biggie, more or less normal for me. It will be fixed in a week.

Just spam the “Recent mistakes” button and practice mistakes and it will be fixed even faster.

That was four days ago, now it looks like this:


I’m also going for 60 this year, I calculated it and I have about 2 weeks of wiggle room, so you should definitely have more than that. Not that I recommend using it, it could create a bad habit.

Well anyway, good luck!


Hmm? How about fast levels very soon?

Depending on memorization and accuracy, you can suffer a lot.

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ok ty for the assurance… its hard to balance it out on the 1 level a week shcedule when i have school and stuff so… lets see what happens in a few weeks

damn i must have about 3 weeks then… ill try not to use them though so yea
good luck to u 2!

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im gonna take a week off before fast levels… they are gonna kill me

Maybe it’s not worth reaching level 60 this year if it’s making you miserable. The most important thing is having these words reach your long term memory not getting to level 60 itself.

It may be wise for the time being to stop doing anymore new lessons and just do reviews only. You don’t have to do all 230 in one sitting either, just take it in bite size pieces and see how you feel with that. (I know you said you weren’t looking for solutions or help, but I just wanted to throw this out there anyways.) I also agree with the first poster on reviewing a lot of recent mistakes. Fully using that Extra Study section and really just focusing on reviews only particularly the Recent Mistakes is a good idea.

Good luck, I’m around 40 and at my current pace I’m expecting to hit 60 in December. Next year.


That sounds more reasonable then trying to cram in everything to hit level 60 this year.

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at my current speed, I aim lvl 60 december next year.

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