App to print some kanji list

Hi there

I looked in the API list but found nothing close to that.

I would like to easily print the list of kanjis I (am supposed to) know, in a kind of flash card format.

My goal is to print them, and stick them in several walls of my appartment, in order to drill them as often as I can. Especially some group of similar kanjis with which I struggle a lot these days.

Is there an app around, that export easily a kind of PDF with the kanjis with my WanikaniID, or at least some JLPT list etc.

Thanks !

As a complicated process I thought, you could export kanji and import it to quizlet.
From quizlet you can print flashcards.

[EDIT: Ninja’d!  ^_^]

I’m not aware of such resource.  But if all you want is the kanji, without the reading/meaning on the back like a flashcard, here’s a cheap substitute:

On my stats site, go to the charts page [link], which shows all of your learned kanji.  As a test, I selected level 1 and 2 kanji, pasted them into Word 2016 (paste with “keep text only”), and increased the font size.

Probably not exactly what you’re looking for, but it works in a pinch.