API'S - How to do it correctly

I don’t understand how to use the API’s.
There is the default read-only API code and there is the option to create a new one.

I highlighted the code then pasted it into the kaniwani register. It says it’s invalid. I tried to created one (i didn’t ckick any of the options)… also invalid.

I removed the dashes. It’s invalid.

I tried searching online but I couldn’t find anything about this happening. Oh and it happened on another app also.
Please help!

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Kaniwani still uses the old API Version 1, you need to scroll down a bit in the settings.


Oh okay. Maybe the other app I tried also uses that one? I’ll try that, thanks.

That worked! Thank you so much.

Glad to hear! APIv2 is quite new, so most third-party services still use the old API.

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