Anyone tried Kanken?


Hi again - well, I got my Kanken level 9 certificate a few days ago. Just managed to pass :slight_smile: 123/150 … with 120/150 being the 80% pass mark. I guess at level 32 on wanikani, I can read around 1,000 characters and now safely say I can write around 200ish by hand. At level 5-10 of wanikani, I guess I could read most of the characters of the kanken level 10 test … but write them … er … for me, no … that took a fair amount of practice. When I was practicing for the level 9 test, I’d constantly score highly in the reading section, but not so highly in the writing section (stroke order and the type of stroke sections were always near perfect - which my Japanese friends say they found the most difficult … coming from an angle where the vocabulary isn’t an issue at all, I guess they find those sections something they’ve not really thought about as much as a non-native learner). I’m now just catching up on Wanikani (took a break for a couple of months … eeek … not a good idea!) … and once I get my review stack down to a manageable number, I’ll start practicing writing the characters for the level 8 test in July. I find that muscle memory plays an important part in it all … as when I’m actually sitting there in the test, it either feels right or it doesn’t when I write a character … and to achieve that, I don’t think having any mnemonic story really helps me that much on the whole (although, I must admit, I was sitting there perplexed over whether the character 牛 was noon or cow … and then remembered someone saying, ‘the cow jumps over the moon’ … and then thought, oh yeah, the stroke starts above the crescent moon shape) … so perhaps a few times it’s not just muscle memory. Still, I’d say I often forget the mnemonic story soon after the character has really ingrained itself into my memory … and I guess that’s why I’ve come to the conclusion, that for writing, for me, practicing over and over again seems to be the only way I can recall how to write characters … even ones that I instantly see, recognize and know the readings … it’s funny how annoying it is when you think you know a character inside out and backwards … but then put pencil to paper and go … errrrrr … WTF!!! he he he.


@Leebo Would you be able to give me any advice regarding the radical section of 漢字検定6級?

Are all radicals included or can I get away with learning a subset?

Any other tips would be appriciated.


Glancing at the list of level 6 kanji, I think you kind of have to study each kanji individually. Some of the most common radicals overall might appear at a higher frequency, but I see plenty of non-obvious ones too, from a quick peek.

Did you try the radical section of a sample test (it’s section 3 there)?

The format makes it a little easier than just naming radicals off the top of your head, because it’s matching so you can use process of elimination.

Oh, and wow, the level 6 test even gives you two kanji for each radical! Yeah, it’s easier than level 5 was. In hindsight, maybe that means that none of the radicals that only appear in a single, unique kanji can appear on level 6? Maybe? If they give two examples of each radical, you can’t have any of the ones that only show up once in level 6.


I thought that it might not to be too bad. You can make educated guesses and you don’ t have to be able to recall the name, you just need to match. I think I’ll make a list, though. Maybe make a Tinycards deck.


Would you be able to point me to the resources page on ?
I’ve been looking around but I haven’t been able to find the sample test you posted above or even this:
which I found somewhere I don’t remember.


Here’s the list of sample exams.

I found the PDF by googling 漢検 #級 リスト, where # is just any number.


Thanks again.


So, the test is going to be in less than one month, but I still haven’t received any info about where I am supposed to take the test. Is that normal?
I do have the receipt for registering, and going to the website tells me that everything is in order, so that’s reassuring, at least…
I remember the second time I attempted N2, when somehow my notification to attend the exam got lost in the mail, and I had to print another one directly from the website. I wonder if something like that could happen?


I don’t remember how far in advance I received the info last time. Several weeks could be about right. Worst case, you should be able to just look it up though, I’d imagine.


Could you link me to the prior test booklets, please? @Leebo



The ones that say 過去 問題集


Great, thank you!


Welp, this is it.
I’m taking the test tomorrow. I’m not ready…


AND YET I PASSED! (well, Leebo knows that already, but I feel I should also post that here rather than on the countdown thread)


You can’t beat genius.

Congraaaaaaatz :purple_heart:


おめでとうございます ! :sparkles::durtle_yellow_rodent::sparkles:



An interesting video that my teacher sent me about a foreigner that passed level 1!


Congrats! Was it level 5?


All of the elementary school kanjis (~1000).


I am preparing for lvl 10 at the moment. Well its not a lot of Kanji but i just want to see what the test is like and so on.