Anyone taken a temporary pause on kanji?

I’ve just come back to WK after ~15 months. I’ve reset myself 10 levels (5 at first, but it was still too much) and while my initial pass rate on items is horrible (say 20-40%), it quickly gets better (to about 80-90%). Guess it really is easier to relearn stuff. Though there’s three important factors to take into account:

  1. I had a shit-ton of leeches. I was doing 300+ reviews (which I recently learned is normal… for levels 50-60) for months because I had leeches and stubbornly refusing to stop adding lessons. If you aren’t as crazy as me, you probably won’t have to reset that many levels back (or at all).
  2. I’ve been reading along with the Beginner Book Club during the break. Maybe that helped solidify some kanji that I wasn’t reviewing? Not sure how strong that effect is since I’ve been using hiragana and a dictionary, though. I’ve also been doing a bit of Anki/Koohi.
  3. I made use of vacation mode, which I recommend to you as well in case you take a break. That way you come back to a couple of hundred reviews instead of a couple of thousands (depending on which level you are before the break).
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