Anyone else having trouble getting of the stroke order scripts to work?

And you made sure to hover your mouse over the purple box with in it? The “Unobtrusive Kanji Stroke Order” script only affects the enlarged popup.

Aside from the kanji/vocab item pages, the “Unobtrusive Kanji Stroke Order” script is also supposed to run during lessons, but it seems that this does not work anymore. The “Nippongrammar Extension” script, on the other hand, should affect lessons and reviews. However, when I just now tried it during lessons, it completely broke the lesson screen so that it doesn’t even load. During reviews, it seems to still work for me.

I’m not sure if “Unobtrusive Kanji Stroke Order” and “Nippongrammar Extension” are still maintained. If you still want to use them, you could report your problems in the respective threads and see if you get a response. Otherwise, you could switch to “Stroke Order Diagram” which I know is still maintained.

As for the Pitch Info script, that’s one of the scripts I’m currently maintaining, so if you still have problems with it let me know. You said it appears on vocab pages, but it should also appear in the info section of lessons, reviews, and extra studies (but only for vocabulary, which are the purple items).

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