Anyone else doing the bare minimum?

Waves I’m just starting out, but I only do 10-15 lessons a day. Not because I can’t “learn” (aka. Remember for 3 minutes to pass the quiz) more than that a day. But because I have limited time (and energy) to keep up with the review material I know will accumulate as I progress.

When I first read the guide and some of the other materials on the forum I worried I’d get stuck with days that I didn’t have anything unlocked to study. But I feel like taking my time and having vocab lessons to re-enforce the Kanji I learn is really helping my retention. You’ve already got a head start so just take a breath and pace yourself. I figure I’ll reach level 60 in about 2 years and 4 months ((8500 lessons/10 lessons per day)/365 days) and that time line sounds just fine to me. Bet you’ll beat me to 60. But I’ll make it too.

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I may be wrong, but from reading the opening post, what I understand is the Kanji are Guru’ed then left alone. Studying Kanji only can work, “the RTK idea” in a way - although WK makes you remember the reading too so it should be even more effective actually - but only if you do your reviews. If OP skips on reviews, I actually do fear that maybe they’re not learning anything.

That’s why I suggested doing only reviews for a while and see how it goes. If they go well, I guess their study style does work well for them. If they struggle with everything, the more they wait to change their method, the harder it’ll be to get back on track. Saying OP could be in deep trouble may sound unpleasant, but it may be necessary to rectify things, should they need to be.


Ridiculously Terrible Koalas

Really Tough Kanji

Riding Through Kansas

Rodents Throwing Kazoos



Remembering The Kanji.

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I generally like the way you think, but how are you gonna approach it when you reach lv60? Use the reorder script to go through just the level(s) you want? Another thing that I see a problem with, is that aren’t you wasting time right now, then? Like, you’re not learning anything now (correct me if I’m wrong), just unlocking levels? Wouldn’t it make more sense to unlock things and do reviews at the same time? (Maybe use the reorder script so you focus only on one level at a time or something?)

If you have the answers to these two questions, I think it’s not a bad idea, honestly.

Wait, I almost forgot, do you have access to reviews when you’re free? If yes, great! If not, then that could fuck up the entire plan.


I definitely don’t think its a good idea to just guru the Kanji. I even stated earlier, I’m not a fan of the idea period.

I didn’t take “override to guru kanji as quickly at possible” as ONLY guru the kanji. I read it as trying to level as fast as possible and get through them all quickly, but still review kanji only. You might be right and ya I’d definitely suggest at least burning the kanji if that’s all he’s going to do. At 2000 Kanji, you’re adding around 20 every 4 days and if that’s all you’re studying, your review queue should be tiny all the time.

I’ve never used the reorder script, but I assume you can choose what you want to review as well, like Kanji only? I <3 WaniKani just the way it is <3

Above all, fix the “piles of leeches” problem. Believe me, this can make WK take 12-18 months longer to reach level 60 than it otherwise would have. You don’t want to spend half your learning time bleeding out.

Personally, I’d reset back a few levels prior to where you think most of the leeches exist and go through the material properly. Maybe try back to level 20 or so.


If I don’t have time to stay on top of lessons, I just don’t do them. End of story.

There have been multiple points in my WK journey where I’ve simply stopped and done reviews. Once I even went 100 days without doing a single new lesson. But that whole time I’m picking away at my reviews, which leads to less work down the line, and helps ensure that my existing knowledge doesn’t fade.

Don’t fall into the pattern of thinking that tells you you have to keep making that level go up. It’s not a race.


Absolutely. Just doing my reviews at the moment - very occasional lessons. Did about 20 lessons today - but only because they were super easy to remember !

I’ve been on current level for ages !

I don’t use re-order, and don’t abuse override though.

I’m in it for a long time, not a good ti… wait a minute, that’s not right.


Absolutely agree ! I almost forgot about lessons.

GRAMMAR - everyone do some more grammar ! … and then teach it to me !

I think you might need to sit down and do a good review session and evaluation how much you’re actually learning.

There’s a good chance those kanji you only guru’d have left your memory already and you’re basically not learning them at all. To say nothing of the vocab since it’s all been said above …


Reading this has helped me understand what kind of pace I should take myself. Pretty much from what I am hearing from everyone here, who’s at a higher level than me, is saying the best method is to review old lessons first (until they have been burned into our memory) before moving onto the newer lessons? All this terminology of “leeches” and “RTK” had me confused at first lol :thinking:

The most important thing is to not do too much too fast, and to be willing to adjust the number of lessons you are doing over time. If you see you can handle a higher workload, you can do more lessons per day. If you are getting overwhelmed with too many reviews or getting too many reviews wrong, it’s best to slow down lessons (or pause them entirely until you are less overwhelmed). When you speed up or slow down, it’s important to still learn in a balanced way, learning both your kanji and your vocab.


I see! That makes sense, thanks for explaining ^^

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When your subscription runs out, you only have access to reviews on items from the free levels (1-3).

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