Any third party third party apps you would recommend to stop reviews from adding up?

Which bit of it is bothering you?

  • The fact that there are lots of reviews
  • The fact that you can see there are lots of reviews

If it’s the latter then @Kumirei made a script for lessons that will show them as 0 if you’re over a certain number of apprentice items. I’m sure something similar is possible for reviews, so if you’ve got 250, it only shows as 20. Then you could pair it with @seanblue’s overdue review prioritiser script so you always got the ones that have been in the queue the longest when you hit the review button. Then you could just do the reviews when you feel like it and not feel the pressure of a massive stack of reviews all the time.

If it’s the former, then I’m afraid I don’t personally have any recommendations. The usual recommendation would be a behaviour change rather than a script. Simply stopping doing lessons until your number of reviews drops might be the best way to save you from getting entirely swamped.