Any scripts to change answer from correct to wrong?


There used to be a script I could use, but it seems to have stoped working. There are many times I want to change my answer because maybe I only remembered one of the two readings, or maybe I understood the word but after looking at the sentence didn’t remember the proper usage case and want to mark it wrong. Anybody know of anything that could help me out that is still working? Thank you very much in advance :).


Was it the double check script?


I believe so, but I keep getting a “scripts cant be installed from this website” notice now :/. And the old one i had doesn’t work. (chrome on mac).

I guess maybe I need firefox?


Do you have the tampermonkey extension installed?

I just tried it and it worked fine for me :thinking:


ugh. I’m dum, yeah I had it disabled from when it stoped working before.

Seems to be all good now, thank you very much :D. Really appreciate it ^^


No problem, glad I could help!^^

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