Another Person's Study Log

I’m just so tired. Nothing is easy, everything is a struggle. At least WaniKani is something I can be consistent with. It’s nice, feeling like I’m making progress with my Japanese, even if just a little, day by day. Its something.


Got to level 32. Wanikani is still going steady though last level did take a little longer because I had an issue with some of the kanji in the beginning but it was still a good speed. Also downloaded a heatmap so I’ll post that and some updated stats because why not.


Hi everyone. Level 32 is going really smooth so far! I just recently hit 1000 burns and I don’t have nay plans of stopping or slowing down soon. Also I’m starting to play through Danganronpa and I’m surprised how much I’m able to understand and read. All hail the Crabigator.


Hello everyone! Just a quick middle of the week update:

I’m still playing Danganronpa everyday and feeling like I’m making good progress. I hope everyone’s week is going well!


Okay I made it level 35 but I may have went through a week where I just didn’t feel like doing anything but the bare minimum. So here’s what it looks like now:

This is just after getting through like 300 reviews so now I’m gonna start bringing those lessons down.


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