Another Person's Study Log

Yeah I really enjoy his channel. I also recommend joining his discord where they have people in the community willing to answer and Japanese questions you have.

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Just joined and got a speedy welcome reply from him and a few others

Study log #17

Everything is going great with level 13 actually. Everything came to me easily so that’s cool :slight_smile:

Nothing else to say today. Didn’t really do anything else besides do some light speaking with people today. See everyone tomorrow hopefully I’ll have some more interesting to write about :stuck_out_tongue:

Study Log #18

Hello everyone! Level 13 is going pretty good right now except for a few of the words in the second half of the level being somewhat difficult to learn because of their abstract nature. Words like 整理、予想、思想, etc. always trip me up. I also noticed that my leveling speed is getting slow for some reason. I think it might just have to do with the Kanji getting harder so it takes me more time to Guru since I’m still staying consistent with my reviews and always going 0/0 on them.

Sorry I haven’t updated for several days. Honestly I haven’t been too motivated to do anything besides Anki and Wanikani this last week. Thankfully school is starting next Monday again so I can finally start dedicating more time to learning. :slight_smile:

Today though I’m actually dedicating some time to reading some NHK articles, and maybe going to watch a show and try to pick up some stuff from that. Also I’ve been reading a little bit of Kiki’s Delivery Service in Japanese as well. It’s extremely difficult just to parse what’s happening though but I’m slowly working through it…

Anway, I hope everyone has a good weekend! See you all later. :smiley:


Study Log #19

Leveled up today :slight_smile: Some of the kanji seem pretty difficult this time around but we’ll see how it goes!

Finally have school tomorrow as well. I’m so ready to finally continue learning some Genki grammar. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, you are like just a mirror image of what I am. Same age, about same level of fluency, same Wanikani level. Though I am not in Japan and our goals might be a bit different, but in the long term even I want to live and work in Japan. Yeah, just if I could spare more time for learning Japanese from my work. However lets keep chugging along.

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Wow, that’s pretty awesome! I hope you can make it to Japan soon. I love it here. I wish you luck on your journey :slight_smile:
Let’s race to level 60 together :stuck_out_tongue:

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oh yeah, lets burn these turtles. Wish you luck on your journey as well.

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Study log #20 :partying_face:

Wanikani has been going alright. I’m starting to feel like I may be autopiloting too much though. Words that I haven’t seen for awhile are starting to not stick anymore and I’m getting more and more long-term stuff wrong. I think it’s because I’m inadvertently memorizing things as a set and as soon as I move on from the set I’m starting to forget things. Either way this level is going okay so far. :slight_smile:

Started classes again this Monday and we had a test over stuff that we did over online class which went okay. I did really good on everything besides speaking where I got frustrated and kind of gave up. Still kind of upset about it to be honest. It seems like my speaking never improves and I just sound more and more like an idiot whenever I speak. I think I’m creating a really negative feedback loop here. I don’t know how to improve but I guess I just have to keep trying.

Anyway I’m gonna get to some reading and studying some new grammar points before class today. Peace :heart:


Study log #21

Hello everyone! Level 14 is going alright so far and I should level up in about 2 days so I’m currently looking forward to that! :slight_smile:
The vocab is still kinda giving me trouble but hopefully I’ll start grasping it soon.

Classes went good this week overall. Feel like I’m beginning to get back into the routine and regaining my motivation which is nice! Hopefully everyone has a good weekend and I’ll see you guys next time! :smiley:

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Study log #22

Slow day of WaniKani. Nothing really to report here!

Besides WaniKani I did a lot today though. :slight_smile: I used HelloTalk pretty much throughout the whole evening to practice writing Japanese with native speakers. Than I did my homework and looked into some grammar points. Afterwards, I read another page of Kiki’s delivery service and picked up a lot of new vocab! I felt like I already improved my understand of Japanese sentences from the first page to the second. Of course I have done a lot of reading and other practice in between them. :stuck_out_tongue:


Study Log #23

Hey guy’s it’s been awhile… Still been studying and going through WaniKani everyday and staying consistent… So no need to worry :stuck_out_tongue: . I’m gonna go ahead and change the format here from now on and just make this a more general log I think. Anyway, right now I’m on level 16 and it’s going good so far. :slight_smile:


Study log #24

Hello everyone :slight_smile: Last night I just hit level 17 and when I woke up I had a whooping 200 reviews to take care of! Got around 95% of the reviews right and was able to complete it fairly quickly so I’m glad to say WaniKani is still working for me :stuck_out_tongue: Right now I have 106 items in my apprentice queue which I think is the most I’ve had in awhile so I’ll be working to bring those down!

On another note I went to Dazaifu Temple yesterday with some friends and had a great time :heart:
Life is going good here in Japan and Wanikani is actually making a huge difference in my ability to read things. I’m now able to recognize probably about 2/3 of the Kanji I see in the wild which is cool :slight_smile:


Study log #25

Hello! Working steadily through level 17 right now. I’'m beginning to notice my accuracy definitely dropping in general for reviews. That’s okay though as I figured this would happen eventually. I’m beginning to see almost entirely new kanji and words at this point. Anyway I’m still moving at around the same pace as before just maybe a little slower. :slight_smile:


Study log #26

Yo everyone how are you doing? :slight_smile:

My Wanikani was crazy today. I think I’ve had something like 400+ reviews today lol. I finally dropped all my apprentice items down to under 78 now though so it won’t be too crazy anymore I think. So far I’m still going at the same pace as I’ve always been here’s an updated graph:

Just ignore the first level lol!


That is a lot! I heard about this over here on the beginner’s thread from @Omun.
To have such a level up speed while keeping your apprentice items low you must be working both hard and smart! That’s really amazing :smiley:


Yeah I’ve been completing every lesson and most reviews the same hour as soon as I unlock them since I started :slight_smile: (Unless I’m asleep)
It’s been a lot of work but it’s helping me out a lot so I’m gonna keep at this pace for now :smiley:

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Study log #27

On level 19 now! Last level was actually pretty fast. :slight_smile:
Not sure why but everything was really smooth and I barely got anything wrong. It feels nice when that happens :smiley:
Having some slow WaniKani days right now. Got 47d til my first burns :partying_face: Can’t wait <3


Study log #28

Just dinged level 20 :partying_face:
My Japanese studies right now are at a weird place right now though. I’m feeling more motivation lately to learn but I’m almost completely disinterested in my in-class learning. The pace feels too slow and the exercises are extremely dull. It takes about 3 hours of in class time to learn what I can do by myself in 30 minutes. I think at the start it was working for me but I just absolutely despise classroom learning I think. At this point I’m just using in-class time to self study…

Anyways, I wish everyone a good week! :slight_smile:


Study log #29

Just a quick update:
I hit level 21! Yay!! Going to sleep 0/0 and will wake up tomorrow with about 140 reviews to do lol!