Anki vs SuperMemo

I’ve tried both when going through RTK.

I found it more difficult to pace myself with Anki. I admit I was going a bit fast, so it came as no surprise that after a few weeks I wasn’t able to keep up with those reviews. I tried to customize Anki several times so the SRS process was either more like WaniKani or more spread out over months, but overall it didn’t quite work out for me for learning RTK. I might go back to it once I start cloze-deletion and sentence mining since that’s easier done with Anki than SuperMemo.

I’ve moved to SuperMemo since. It’s far from perfect, but it fits me a bit better since you get the incremental reading part that lets you actually learn the kanji before you delve into the reviews. For RTK, I’m using a holistic approach where I’d rather go through the whole book once to superficially knowing all the kanji and complement the learning process with readings instead of memorizing everything by heart. That’s easier to do with SuperMemo since I can quickly dump a ton of kanji from Koohi and then take my time to do incremental readings for each story. I also like that the reviews are very manageable.

I’m curious what are other people’s experience with SuperMemo. The forum has a lot of comments about Anki, but very few about the former. For those who’ve used SuperMemo, what did you use it for and how did you like it?

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I realise that this isn’t the question you asked, but I’ve had only a little taste of Anki and none of SuperMemo. On the other hand, I’ve used Kitsun a lot and find it pretty damn great as an Anki style tool specifically designed to be a toolkit for language learning. It’s got dictionary, subtitle, and reader tools integrated ^-^

Plus, it was designed by a wanikani finisher ^-^


Thank you for making me discover Kitsun. I always enjoy discovering new tools and figuring out their strengths and weaknesses compared to alternatives.
However, Kitsun already has a few supporters and threads advocating it’s highlights. I’d still prefer not to derail the topic of SuperMemo as it is the more obscure SRS as far as I know. Still, thanks again for your comment

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