An overdue level 60 post

Congrats! I also plan to finally commit to the Aria book club, I already bought the book but been more worried about hitting 60 and completing my lessons.

Made me think of myself being bilingual… I mean being between cultures and languages has it’s ups and downs too, but I feel like yes your mind is always thinking in ways in parallel using more brain cells in the process. In a sense since one already thinks in multiple ways their mind is more open to the world and makes for a more accepting to other opinions and makes life a very humbling experience.


I said it already, but I’m going to say it again!

Woooo! Congratulations!! :confetti_ball::confetti_ball::tada::partying_face:


御目出度う御座います!(I don’t think anyone writes it like this, but I wanted to be special)\

I found my motivation has shifted a lot over the years as well. At first I was interested in music, and lyrics, then I got interested in anime, then dramas, at some point I wanted to move to Japan and live the quintessential Japanese life, then I got interested in anime again, and now I’m into manga and light novels mostly, but starting to develop an interest in games (thanks to Final Fantasy). As long as learning is fun, that’s all that matters.



Yay Sean!!! :tada:
Getting through Kiki with you last year was a great experience, and I would never have read a manga if you hadn’t been so enthusiastic about ARIA. You’ve really helped make WK so much more than just a kanji learning website, and I am very glad you will still be hanging around in the book clubs.

There was going to be more cake… but I got hungry… :stuck_out_tongue:


Congrats!!! :partying_face: :cake:

Was waiting for your post ever since we were both level 59. Being in the book club has been great and I’ve seen you push it again and again, I might have not joined if not for you and @Kyasurin in particular.

Good luck on your future endeavors :tada:



I actually bought a hard copy of 魔女の宅急便 when I was living in Japan last year, but my bag was too heavy so I left it with a friend who is supposed to be coming back to my home country later this year. You’ve inspired me to see if I can find some way to read it sooner rather than later!


やった ! :star_struck::tada::six::zero::tada::star_struck:


Congratulations on reaching 60! I hope you’ve been enjoying all the (well-earned) cake :cake::durtle_the_explorer:



Congrats! So, less WK… more time for reading :hugs::open_book::open_book:


Congratulations and welcome to the club!

Now let’s put all your strength altogether to finish burning all dem items! Muahahahaha.


Which script shows that cool chart with the average and median level-up times by level?

This site:

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congratulations!!! i sorta have the same way of tackling japanese which is i try to read as much as possible in the native language, despite not really understanding everything. great to see it actually works to strengthen the language! yahoo~~


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