Almost Correct Color Feedback Suggestion

Currently when we do our reviews we either get Green or Red feedback as well as occasionally a little pop up box for clarification. When I get a Red it’s obvious and I stop and review what I screwed up. However, when you get Green it can actually one of two things: 1) You got it 100% right. 2) Eh. Close enough. Maybe it was just a typo, maybe you made it singular when it was supposed to be plural, etc. (Are there any more cases?) Case 1 is obviously great. However, you only find out about case 2 if you’re going slow enough to read the little pop up box.

I am suggesting adding the color Yellow (or Green with Yellow stripes or something) to the mix whenever you trigger case 2. Treat it as a “win,” but give visual feedback that it wasn’t quite right beyond the text. It’s up to us to stop making typos or slightly wrong answers, but I think this would help dramatically in awareness that one was made in the first place.


(Also, completely tangential comment – the Forum is showing me as level 10 but I’ve been 11 for about 4 days now and never got my “welcome to level 11” email. Are those somehow related?)

I agree. I even modified my version of the Double Check script to do this for a while. But it would be nice for WaniKani to build this in.

If you log out and in again it should update your level on the forums.

Oh, thanks. I’ll give that a shot in a second.