All my lessons are concentrated by the end of the day

Hello guys! First of all, I am loving this so I would like to leave my humble suggestion.

I am not sure about how the timing for each lesson is determined, but I have noticed that I spend the whole day with some reviews here and there, and then all of a sudden BOOM - I will have 42+ lessons and/or 42+ reviews lined up that will take forever to complete.

Is this part of the learning process to go through a bunch at once? If so, once you start one of those massive reviews, is there a way to stop in the middle of it and continue afterwards?

Thank you and keep up with the good work!!


Sounds like you leveled up.


Yeah, while reviewig items hit the button that looks like a house, that ends your session. You can continue any time later


Or the clock, which will stop the session after 10 more items, allowing half-finished items to be finished first. If you hit the house, half-finished items will revert to unstarted items after a few hours.


That’s helpful. I will try to use that.

I definitely wouldn’t recommend trying to tackle all the lessons at once. If your goal is to go fast, just get all of the radicals when you first start a level, and work steadily through the rest. Once your radicals are all at guru level, do all the new kanji lessons. You can use a script to reorder your lessons to hit the radicals or kanji first if need be.

If you’re concerned with keeping a steady pace, instead do a certain number of new lessons every day. 10 is often cited as a good number. Try to stagger when you do your lessons in the day, and you’re less likely to run into huge piles of reviews coming all at once.


I highly recommend checking out the WaniKani Ultimate Timeline userscript. It adds a breakdown of all your up-coming reviews for the next day or so. This allows you to plan ahead when you have a large pile of reviews heading your way and make smarter decisions regarding when to focus more on reviews versus when to knock out some new lessons.

The standard review timer only tells you “something” is coming your way eventually. The ultimate timeline gives a much better forecast.

The size and timing of reviews can be manipulated by spreading out your lessons or doing them at particular times so the majority of your reviews will pop at a different time, but the nature of SRS means that sometimes you will have nothing to review for hours and then suddenly a bunch of items will be ready. There’s no way to completely avoid this, but it becomes much more manageable when you know what’s coming in your immediate future.

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