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Hi everyone!

I have been studying english for 10 months now, and I started WaniKani like 7 months ago. I am at level 23 and advancing a good pace, but I am worried that I am neglecting other parts of the language. I started online classes three months ago and I feel like y have much more vocabulary and kanji knowledge than the average in my class, but grammar and specially listening I am clearly behind.

I was thinking on stopping doing lessons and just passing the reviews so they don’t pile up so I get the time to focus more on those areas. I am pretty depending on gamification, tho, and I am afraid that pausing the evolution will work against me on the long run.

Any advice you can give me I will be eternally grateful!


It’s definitely possible to do it. Some people find it hard to come back to it, others don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I personally don’t really have a problem with it, I stop doing lessons during exam season at university and then afterwards continue as usual


Instead of completely stopping maybe you can lower it a little bit. Then lower it again after sometime. If you do 20 lessons aday try doing only 18 or 17. After a while you can figure out how many lessons can you handle before it becomes hinderance to your other studies.

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When I was level 22 I stopped my lessons and reviews for about three months. When I came back I could hardly get anything from the recent levels correct. I managed to pull through all the way to level 24 before giving up and resetting back to level 1. So for me, personally, I couldn’t come back after a long break, but as someone said above - it’s a very personal thing, and you might find it easier than I did

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Pausing lessons but continuing to do reviews is a good approach I think. I did that several times when I was using WaniKani.


Sometimes in the level up emails, Koichi even recommends that. Don’t actually “pause” WaniKani, just stop doing ANY lessons, but keep up with reviews. That will NOT hurt you at all.


If you depend on gamification - then you might want to check BunPro, which is an SRS resource for grammar.


I’ve also paused lessons quite often in order to tame an unruly review queue.

I think that’s better than vacation mode actually since there’s nothing you have to set or anything.

And you can just pick up lessons as you’re able to whenever you want.


My advice? Try it for a week and see where you get.

The problem with “only” being on Level 23 (it is a great achievement to get here!) is you will eventually start trying to read and only being at Level 23 there will be more kanji you don’t know than you do. Depending on what you are reading anyway.

I guess I would recommend stop new lessons for a couple weeks while you focus on the other parts, but make sure you have a solid plan to come back?

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I think I will do that. I already went down to ten when I started burning items because of the overload but I will try 5 and then stop lessons, but I will keep the reviews no matter what.

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I am not going to stop doing reviews, I did it for one day only and it was a pain in the ass XD

@seanblue @msennholz @alo @slerched I will do that, stop doing lessons and keep the reviews. Thanks for the advice!


I will check it now! Thanks!

I am currently not doing any new lessons to address my huge Apprentice pile as well as my many leeches. Reviews I still do every day and get down to zero before sleeping. Highly recommend trying it just like how @seanblue recommended. I already see some items I always get wrong finally go up to Guru.
It also does not hurt that my daily reviews are dropping slowly. Hopefully I can get Apprentice down to 100 or lower soon so I can get back to lessons!
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keep chugging along! we will get to the golden 60 soon enough!


I did this for almost a year, and I highly recommend it. I caught up on a lot of vocab, grammar and, most important of all, reading.

Never stop doing the reviews, though.


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