Advice for us low-levels?

Thx for the info. Never gave a serious thought about the leeches.[quote=“shuttersound, post:72, topic:18194”]
und this, too. I can blast through reviews much more quickly in 1x1 mode, since my mind naturally remembers both the meaning

If you use firefox, first install the extention called greasemonkey. If you use chrome, look for tampermonkey. After you install, restart your browser and dowload the following scripts:

Tampermonkey: Tampermonkey - Chrome Web Store
Greasemonkey: Greasemonkey – Instale esta extensão para o 🦊 Firefox (pt-BR)

Review order: WaniKani Review Order - (Radical/Kanji/Vocab order) Userscript Extension
Lesson order: WaniKani Lesson Ordering II (obsolete, does not work)
“Ignore Button”: Wanikani Override Userscript 1.1.2 ("Ignore Answer" Button) [No longer supported]