Advice for a new user?

I was wondering if there was anything helpful to know ahead of time, or just some advice for WaniKani in general.

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Don’t give up.

and don’t lose momentum and just keep trying.

It takes time, it takes a long time. But it’s worth it.

You’ll think it’s too slow at the start, but just because there isn’t much content at the start doesn’t mean it’s that way the whole way through.

There are a lot of threads from new users complaining about how slow the first few levels are. I’m not that far into WK, but it’s already amped up the workload.


Welcome to the community. :smiley:


Read this guide if you havent yet.


Don’t abuse the reorder script :eyes: In fact, don’t even get it. Don’t know what that is? Good


Just do all reviews as soon as they appear, lessons are tricker, but don’t let them sit there, I recommend doing them all the day you got em


Read as many guides as you can! Everyone’s got different perspectives and stories and no one person or experience will be able to tell you everything you need to know.

My contribution to the thread is to not be afraid of changing your pace! Sometimes you might breeze through levels quickly, and sometimes you might want to slow down. Both of those are okay.

Practically speaking, if you do like WaniKani, and want to purchase a membership, I’d recommend going monthly or yearly for now, and around Christmas they have a big discount on their lifetime memberships. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community!


Long story short, my big advice is to control your apprentice items. Because they appear the most, they are the ones that cause so many reviews. So, if you keep the number of apprentice items low you can control how many reviews you get. A common threshold is to keep them under 100. But if you can do more than that have at it. :+1:t3:
This concludes Weirdmind’s Wise Words.


The items show up at fixed intervals!

So if you learn someting at 8:00, it will show up again at 12:00 (4 hours later). If you get it right, it will show up again at 20:00. And again the next night at 20:00. Each time increasing the interval.

Knowing this it’s important if you want to have a good control on the flow of things!

This inspired me and I wasn’t even giving up. I think I’ll try flying today.

Never give up!

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Do your reviews every day. Preferably twice or three times a day (at ~4 hours intervals as explained above). Don’t take a day off doing reviews. Make it part of your daily routine.


Have fun!! Enjoy the fast progress! (you will learn loads in a relatively short time)

Show up every day. Multiple times, really. Reviews will pile up and while you can take a break with lessons, taking a break with reviews will mess up your progress.

New items can be difficult to learn. Give your lessons your full attention when you do them, spend a minute identifying the radicals in the kanji, reading the mnemonic slowly, picturing the story in your head.

Like others said, new words will stick better if you make sure you do the first few reviews at the right time. So if you do lessons at 8AM, you should plan to do the review at noon, and then 8PM.

Vocabulary reinforces the kanji you learned, so go ahead and make sure you do them. Honestly, once I get the review intervals to a week or more it is easy for me to forget the word if I didn’t have a strong connection to it before. If you aren’t reviewing, you’re forgetting, and vocab is a great way to review. Try to read the example sentences in the vocab and see if you recognize random kanji.

Finally, regarding speed. I find that I can learn more than I expect when I’m not striving for 100%. It can feel daunting to commit to learning x number of vocab, but then I start and some of it will just click because the meaning and reading is so similar to what I’d already learn with the kanji. Try and push yourself first, then slow down if you need to. Do lessons in the morning so you hit your reviews throughout the day. Do more lessons in the afternoon. When you enter the Wanikani review page, it shows the words you missed and achieved from the last review. I try to quickly look over the missed words when the review is done, and again before I start the next review session, because it’s hard to memorize the correction in the middle of a long review session.

Ultimately it’s not a race, it’s a marathon. Just make a decision to keep coming back every day and you’ll see your numbers add up.


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