Active learning with netflix

Hello, I am a listen to a Netflix show and type everything out person. However, I do this without the subtitles.

I think it is a good method. I do it in scene blocks: where try to understand all that I can by listening and listening to one scene over again without typing anything. When I am happy with my understanding, I will then listen and type thing out checking on the words that I don’t know.

Wow… I love it !!! Thanks for introducing this to me !

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hmmm that is intriguing due to the weird conversations in Rick and Morty

I use this almost every day–have had some Japanese show in rotation, usually through Netflix, for about the past eighteen months. Great way to pick up vocab and get listening practice.

I’d recommend attempting shows without Japanese captions once you get more comfortable, and turning them on or off depending on the speed and complexity of dialogue in each particular show. (Or depending on what your goals at that moment are–having captions on is more useful for vocab- and phrase-acquisition, since you can clearly see everything written; captions off is more useful for raw listening practice even if you sometimes settle for partial understanding.)

If you want to watch something not originally in Japanese, you can also use the Japanese dubs of shows if you’re actually on Japanese Netflix. (Though the captions are usually more direct translations of the original script, so differences between the spoken and written dialogue could be a minor distraction.)

I sometimes pause, or go back to check lines, and enter new vocab into digital flashcard decks.

Problem with shows like Rick & Morty is if you turn Japanese subs on, what theyre saying and what is written is usually different.

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I’ve noticed that too on a number of shows,lately Netflix has added a lot of dubbing/foreign content but often subtitles don’t match the audio.
a while back i watched となりのトトロ and there where english sub where nothing was being said! (they must have added lines in the english dubbing cause god forbid a kids movie with that much silence :sweat_smile:)

I think tv is great for learning languages, i got a head start with english by watching over and over the matrix (on tape!) even if youre not actively learning, it familiarizes your brain with the sound and rhythm. However i think I got really fluent by reading books.

[side rant: dubbing is fine until you know the language well enough than it is awful! I am Italian and cant watch any tv back home as i can lipread and also know what actors should sound like and it drives me crazy]


Thanks for this! I re-watched a little bit of Lupin yesterday using this technology.


Rilakkuma and kaoru on netflix is super cute! It was so nice I could turn on the subs in Japanese natively without switching any default settings. My partner is getting tired of having to have me set all the electronics menus/keyboards back to english all the time. :sweat_smile:

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I’ve just discovered Viki and looove it! Definitely gonna watch a lot of jdramas in the new year :D.

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The current sale was too good to pass up even with such a limited J library! Not sure how often Viki brings in new stuff (as opposed to K and C dramas) but hopefully some current shows will pop up over the next year.


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