Accuracy screenshots

Oh, I see! Better than I thought :slight_smile: Thanks for letting me know.

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I can confirm that it is still short.

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Wow, I’m generally a “good memorizer”, and yet some of you folks blow me out of the water:

Thanks for starting this thread!

Not it doesn’t. I just see a blank screen & nothing else.


ell this is how it shows


I see you’re using Chrome.
Open the Javascript console (press F12 and click on the Console tab). Check if there are any errors there.

Also, in the Javascript console, paste the following command, press enter, then refresh the page:


If none of that works, open the Network tab, refresh the page, and see if it fails to load anything.

I’ve tried What you said but still it doesn’t work. I get this error

Could be a wrong API key. There are two versions of the API key, you need V1. Is that what you’re using?

I don’t know what is meant by API key. I’m never asked for one while opening the page. If you can help me where to get the API key. I’m not understanding a damn thing.

Ah, well that’s good to know :thinking:.
If you have another browser (Firefox, edge…), just try opening the same website and let us know if you have the same problem.

Yes, finally i have got it by changing the browser to firefox & it asked for the API key v1. Thank you very much for your kind help. Cheers.Screenshot (5)

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I’m not sure what version of Chrome you were running before, but I did figure out why it wasn’t working, and I fixed the issue. You can try it again now if you prefer to use Chrome.

I’m curious, what was it?

Arrow function. I discovered them a while back and liked the syntax, and only found out later that IE doesn’t support them (shocker, I know :roll_eyes:). But I’m not sure anyone is using userscripts on IE anyway, so I never bothered changing them back. It’s really odd that prashantng’s version of Chrome doesn’t seem to support them.

Anyway, if you’re not familiar with Arrow functions… instead of something like this:

$('.button').on('click', function(event) {
  // do something

You do this:

$('.button').on('click', (event) => {
  // do something

They look eerily similar to (Java) lambda functions. Same concept different name? Pardon me, I have avoided JS on purpose and am clueless as to its features.

Perhaps some type of non-fatal error during Chrome’s install.

JavaScript has to always maintain full backwards compatibility since a breaking change could break websites that haven’t been updated in many years. I’m saying this because the arrow syntax in JavaScript does have a slight difference in functionality from the normal function syntax and isn’t just syntactic sugar. I don’t know how Java lambda functions work so I can’t say if they’re the same other than the difference I just mentioned.

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Would anyone know if the override script effects the accuracy ?

Largely depends on how you use it: if used to correct typos, the items corrected are ones you would have gotten correct anyway so the accuracy you would see on idigtech would be a more accurate picture of your true accuracy. However, if you use it irresponsibly, the idigtech figures would be bloated and unreliable.

idigtech uses the api to fetch the information needed to calculate accuracy, in other words information which WK has recorded. If you override an incorrect answer then it will not be registered by WK, and will as such not affect the accuracy.