A site to also aid with learning Kanji

I’ve come across an amazing site called Kanshudo. It basically shows you details about the Kanji as well as the most common readings and words that come from it as well as many conjugations.
You can use the link https://www.kanshudo. com/ search (split it due the rule of no links, just in case) to use the internal Kanji search engine and you can draw the Kanji or use it’s composite radicals if you don’t know any pronunciation of it at all. For example, you can get the Kanji 食 by writing Tabe (食べ) or Shoku (食) using the Japanese IME keyboard which would avoid the need to contract the Kanji in the site. If you don’t have the Japanese keyboard installed, it’s really nifty and I highly suggest you get it :))

However, in my opinion, it’s better to just search in Google the Kanji (if you can copy and paste it). Your search term would be like this for example: “色 Kanji detail Kanshudo”
Doing this provides more information than using the sites internal Kanji engine to find what you want, plus it generally just looks better presentation wise.

I hope this helps you guys, wishing you all the best!! <3

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There’s no such rule on these forums. :wink:

And if there was how would splitting the link somehow make it okay? Seems that would be just as much against this mythical rule. :thinking::joy:


Forgot to remove that :sweat_smile: I originally posted it on Reddit

And @athomasm It was still accepted since it didn’t create a hyperlink

I’m pretty sure if it was a real rule that no moderator would go “Well normally this is against the rules but they split up the link! They foiled us!” The logic doesn’t really make any sense.


Please don’t split up Link


It’s some L level thinking :wink: don’t sweat it

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It would just be to prevent tools from automatically finding the link I guess.

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Some sites with high (Google search) authority don’t allow links because it would basically use their capital to give free SEO to a different site. Google’s search rank algorithm utilizes things like backlinks and the authority of sites giving those links to determine webpage ranking.

Splitting up the link wouldn’t be a backlink, so some sites with this rule would allow a split up link. :smiley:


Woah that’s actually really cool, I had no idea

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