A Duolingo Anki Deck with WaniKani ordering

I use Duolingo’s Japanese tree together with WaniKani as my primary Japanese language study tools (together with Tae Kim’s guide for grammar, currently); I’ve been using Duo (and Tae Kim) for a little more than a year, and WaniKani for about 2 months. This has worked pretty well, but I’ve found that Duolingo isn’t very good at forcing/helping me to practice vocabulary I’ve previously learned through it (and that I’m not already getting practice in from WaniKani), so I wrote some Python to build an Anki deck to help me do so.

That Anki deck worked OK, but I noticed it was much easier for me to memorize words that contained Kanji I have previously learned in WaniKani; having a ready mnemonic for the relevant characters, and knowing the most common Kun and On readings, typically helps me commit a word to memory much more quickly.

With that in mind, I created this Anki deck, which orders my auto-generated Duolingo Anki cards based on a lexicographic rule mostly determined by the WaniKani level of characters in a word (more detailed description of how this works, and some cautionary notes about the automated way I built the deck, in the Anki share link’s deck description): Duolingo (WaniPlus ordering) - AnkiWeb

I assume it’s pretty common for people to use Duolingo and WaniKani together, so I thought I’d share it here in case anyone else might find it useful.