991 days studied out of last 991 days: level 54

WaniKani was killing me. Nothing to do with the recent change that discombobulated my, what feels like, ancient workflow. Everything to do with wanting to grow and move on.

It has to do with having spent THIS long with a single tool.

Background: My goal 3ish years ago was, pass JLPT N3 for myself. Not for work (I am not changing career). Not to move to Japan (I am old; I am not moving). Just to prove to myself I could and to have something to show for all the years I’ve already spent doing this. (Spoiler: I failed the JLPT N3 in '23 with a whopping score of 64% overall)

When I first started WK, I followed the community, decided I was going to get that coveted 365-day finish. I was pounding out lessons; I had many, many days of no new lessons to do (the good old days; now I am lucky to be under 100 new lessons on a given day :smiley: ). I did this at the expense of using other tools and learning grammar, speaking, listening, etc. After I missed the 365 day mark, I adjusted my goal! 1.5 years total! 1.5 years in, I adjusted to 2 years! Now I am just going to hit level 60 when I hit level 60 and I’ve said F it. I should be done just under 3 years assuming I keep at my pace. But who knows, maybe it’ll be 3.5 to hit level 60. I do not obsess over it anymore. Well, not much :rofl:

I stepped back, way, way back off that 365-day ledge… to the parking lot. I started focusing on other tools between reviews. I stopped trying to do reviews as soon as they popped and instead do them 3-4 times a day (sometimes more if I am bored). I stopped focusing on “I know THIS many kanji!” and realized I may know them in a vacuum but put them on a page with other words? :smiley: Yeah, gibberish!

Learning Japanese for me is a hobby. My hobby stopped being fun when I was a slave to WaniKani.

My current process is using WK for Kanji, NativShark for reading repetition (probably letting my subscription lapse this year as for the price it should be a LOT more than it actually is), BunPro for grammar (slow, slow, process on this on), Pimsleur for speaking out loud/shadowing, and I just signed up for JapanesePod101 because I find the integrated lessons, with actual people talking podcast style to teach me grammar is hitting all the right notes for me. Also helps I got 2 years for just under $90.

I also signed up for an online Zoom class for beginner Japanese w/ Genki I. It’s really easy for me (teacher told me to count to 10, at least, before answering any questions; understandably!) but it re-ignited my learning. It was worth the price and I will continue to the 102 level.

I also have a Kanshudo lifetime sub rotting away. Once I am done w/ WK, I will pick Kanshudo back up and commit to a lesson a day.

Anyway, thanks for reading my novel, sorry for being mainly invisible in the community for so long, and I wish for all the best of luck and learning to everyone.


I totally agree with you. I am levelling up about the same time as you, probably about the same generation as you and feeling the same as you. Its so refreshing to hear someone with the same story. It really does become an obsession with very little payback outside the Wanikani program itself. How many times have you tried to read something ‘in the wild’ and gave up and just plodded on with your reviews. Thanks so much for sharing this. It comes as a good warning to keep an even spread amongst many learning tools for Japanese and keep it as a fun activity. We won’t be happier just because we reach level 60. :eyes: Best of luck on the outside after Wanikani. :two_hearts: