900 reviews / coming back after a break

I just came back from like a year off, and I had 1600 reviews to go through! After two weeks now I’m almost done with going through them. (300 left) Even after all that time, I’m surprised that I remember most of what I learned, and even if I make a mistake the first time around, re-learning is much quicker than learning something for the first time.

I really really recommend you install the Wanikani Reorder Ultimate script. The way it works is that you can exclude levels from your reviews, so for example you can choose to only review the available items from lvl 1-10. So in a way, it’s like setting your level, but way less drastic.

Start with the oldest stuff, because you probably have a lot of easy things ready for enlightenment/burn, which makes your queue seem bigger and scary. You should pretty much breeze through lvl 1-30 since you know most of it already, and after that you can tackle more recent stuff which you have probably forgotten. Just don’t start any more lessons until you get your reviews/apprentice items under control and you’ll be fine!