9-nine-はるいろはるこいはるのかぜ 9️⃣ Week 2 (Visual Novel Book Club, offshoot)

This is being read as an offshoot continuing Episode 2. Episode 1 was originally read as part of the Visual Novel Book Club.

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9-nine- episode 3

Current week start date: June 2, 2023
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We’re aiming to read approximately 25k characters per week! A suitable enough end point will be selected each week and posted within the thread.

This week's endpoint: 22.2k

Mid 4/28.

Scene transitions and character count (Steam version)
Location Character Count
Kakeru’s home (Beginning of 4/28) 5
Street 6 272
School 6 834
Station 10 453
Restaurant 11 263
Station 17 271
Kakeru’s home 18 697
Kakeru’s home (Endpoint) 22 238

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Done! Gonna keep this as short as I can cause my arm still hurts from my health problems :skull:

  • The setup of this episode keeping us away from the characters we liked is kind of unfortunate.

  • There was a bit of a dip into “haha sex” but I actually mostly liked the restaurant scene – Takamine being a loser and making Ghost really sick of him being around sorta works.

  • For a plot that people have criticized for deus ex machina and the like… they seem to have literally written deus ex machina in as a power at this point, now that we’re learning about Kakeru.

Story Comments


If we stick with this kind of humour, I’ll definitely enjoy it a lot more. :joy: This kind of awkward exchange is great – miles better than the 胸 comments. The following あ~… was delivered perfectly. :joy:

I’m…a little concerned how often Ghost is having the same thoughts as me this episode. :joy:

The little musical sting that follows these kinds of lines is a cute touch that I quite enjoy, even if the “ha, sex” jokes kinda fall flat for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: バカップル is a fun word. :joy:

And I thought ベトレイヤー was cringeworthy. :joy:

Overall, not a bad week. The deus ex バカな essentially being Kakeru’s power is pretty well the explanation that I was expecting to happen way back in Episode 1 when it has you replay from the bad ending, so that’s not totally out of left field. Making it part of the plot doesn’t particularly excuse the constant abuse of it, but I still enjoy the VN enough to not let it get to me. I’m definitely here more for the character interactions and Sophie’s whole deal. I did like the brief exchange between Sora and Miyako. At least we got to see a little bit of our dear 妹. :joy:

Spoilers for this week

This week’s reading was mostly nice. Outside of the “haha sex” type jokes, the interactions between Kakeru and Haruka were nice to read. They had a bunch of cute dialogue together not sure why Kakeru gets so embarrassed holding a girl’s hand though. I also really enjoyed seeing Miyako and Sora together. I miss Sora’s interactions but it was nice to see her tease Miyako a little here.

Plot wise, it was nice to get more of an explanation on Kakeru’s power. When Sophie told us the name 「オーバーロード」I thought she was making fun of Takamine at first. The whole buildup to the name and then she gives the most chuuni thing possible, it felt like a joke :joy:

In the teaser for ep 2 at the end where its revealed Yoichi is the bad guy, I don’t think they showed a name in the textbox for when “Sophie” was talking. It seemed like Sophie was working with Yoichi but then she’s also being helpful towards Kakeru it feels like? I’m hoping its not one of those twists later on where another ぬいぐるみ other world person is working with Yoichi but they share a voice with Sophie to try and “trick” us.

Theory on some story stuff

While the plot so far seems to throw away Chekhov’s Gun entirely quite often, I’m currently operating under the theory that the little aside Sophie had where she was talking about the possibility of the illusory bodies (or however you wanna call them – 幻体, I think is the kanji used) taking on a mind of their own to some degree might be an explanation for what’s going on with that.

I could be wrong, because she makes a comment about how she directly controls the ぬいぐるみ and that’s atypical, but I wonder if that isn’t some kind of deflection.


I’ve gotten so used to just reading this pretty much every day from my sprint through the second episode that I almost sat down and started reading today because I hadn’t yet, and I had forgotten I was already caught up. Issue is, if I don’t have the proper endpoint, I’ll just go to the end, so it’s better I refrain… I have other things I should read anyway, but I had to share that I’ve trained myself into reading this now, so I don’t think I’ll be falling behind again any time soon. :joy:

This week's spoilers

Well, this is an staple evil-antagonist-smirk if I’ve ever seen one.

I found this week’s events a lot more enjoyable than last week. At least it didn’t had me facepalming every 5 minutes.

The part that I have been starting to enjoy the most is Takamine’s amazing ability to deal with Ghost without breaking a sweat. For someone who is friendless and in theory bad at socializing and a chuuni, he easily brushes of all of Ghost’s remarks without breaking a sweat. He even has the leeway to ツッコミ at her very skillfully

Not only that, even when Ghost easily sees through him and directly states how “pathetic” he is, he doesn’t panic in the slightest.

Kakeru Johnny クソ兄貴 could learn a thing or two from him, seeing how all his “betrayal” acting is so terrible and keeps getting flustered even by the slightest advances Senpai and any of the other girls make towards him.

Well, I guess we finally found out why Ghost keeps calling herself オレ. What I find unnatural is how no one has raised an eyebrow at her using that pronoun.

Sophie also going full chuunibyou mode just for the heck of it.

Time for random speculations:

  • クソ兄貴 doesn’t remember, but he has met with Kousaka senpai before (when they were children or something) and that’s why she and her alter ego are so into him as to start fantasizing.

  • Yoichi is doing everything just because he is jealous of クソ兄貴 getting all the girls :man_shrugging:

My review of this episode so far: “Needs more 天 :cry:


I feel like the past few days have been cursed or something where I keep getting interrupted when I start my readings. At least I’m done with this week now.


Not much to add that yall didn’t discuss… two weeks ago. Gotta say, it was fantastic seeing Kakeru mentally diss Sora’s power in that conversation with Haruka only for the story to show Sora and Miyako spying on them.

And after all of those inappropriate questions I had in the first volume it’s nice to know that Sophie can in fact spy on Kakeru 24/7. Stop reading the thin books Kakeru.

I’m not mad, just disappointed. I was really hoping that the branches and stuff would remain exclusive to Sophie’s observations rather than being tied to the protagonist, but I’ll just have to deal.