7 kinds of WaniKani users (to be continued)

After using WaniKani for half a year i started to see some common types of WaniKani users.
I tried to categorize them into these seven kinds. Where do you see yourself? What kind did i miss?
Don’t take it too seriously :wink:

1. The god:
These users already reached level 60 twice. They are still very active in the forum, sharing their story, providing useful information and helping out newcomers. It makes you think what they are doing with their lives.

2. The lost one:
These kind of users only posted on the forum once after reaching level 3 about how much they love WaniKani and how motivated they are. The post was two years ago and the user is still level 3. Realizing this makes you kind of depressed.

3. The forum kid:
These users are on WaniKani since quite some time. While they are only around level 15 they basically live in the forum. They created hundreds of topics, gave 2.500 replies and received 7.500 :heart:
Their user profile is basically full of Ks. They are like the “god” but without actually learning a lot.

4. The complainer:
These types only do the free trial version on WaniKani, decide that it is shit and post about how basically every other Kanji learning system is way superior. They also make a Youtube video about it.
They use terms like “in context” and “out of context” learning and are basically linguistic professors

5. The silent one:
You propably don’t even know these users exist. They never post in the forum but do their reviews and lessons every day. They finish WaniKani faster than all of us while keeping their secrets to themselves.
They then continue their lives, start using their japanese abilities for something actually useful and never look back.

6. The script abuser:
Since level 1 this user has at least 20 scripts installed. Not only do their burned items do a little dance and start a firework, theses users often tend to “override” minor mistakes thinking “Aww come on, i KNEW that one!”
In combination with the “reorder” script they quickly realize that they didn’t really learn a lot after level 20 and reset to level 8.

7. The motivated beginner:
Admittedly we all have been here. They started learning japanese just a month ago, are highly motivated, discovered WaniKani aswell as Kaniwani, Anki and Duolingo. They use all of these services at the same time. There is a 100% chance these users will create a topic complaining about the slow speed of WaniKani at level 1 and having to wait for new reviews. They then evolve into one of the six kinds above.


Ikr?! :sob:


You missed The Vacationer

When they show up every day, they make decent, steady progress. Unfortunately, due to month+ long absences, it’s taken them 3 years to get to level 20. Level 2 vocab has long since been forgotten.

(Just levelled up after 130 days)


You missed this one

  1. The bookclub junkie: :books::heart_eyes:
    This user cannot resist the temptation to be involved in every thread in the Reading section. They are currently reading with the Absolute Beginners, the Beginners and the Intermediate group, as well as some of the spin off groups. They enjoy quoting catchphrases from their favourite manga, moaning about the cost of shipping from Japan, sharing photos of their most recent purchases, and rolling their eyes at users who still haven’t figured out when to use spoiler tags.

I would like to move that number one should in fact be titled The Leebo.


The Floater

Has been somewhere in the 30 - 59 bracket for as long as you can remember, but never actually seems to hit Level 60. May in fact be several different people who are reaching Level 60 and moving on with their lives, but who just blur into one indistinct ‘high-level user’ to the eyes of eager newcomers.

The Ghost

Doesn’t actually seem to exist, but their name crops up in conversation wherever you look.


Oh hi there. This is me too.

Just multiply your absences.


I feel simultaneously understood & called out


The along for the ride;

Hugely non committal. May make huge streaks of progress when the mood strikes them, or completely disappear for weeks at a time. Always enthusiastically thinks resources and clubs posted on the forum are really cool ideas and useful, but will very rarely actually follow up in using/supporting many of them unless they really strike a balance with their (admittedly not so busy) schedule! Though passionate about things admittedly may know very little of actual substance, and whilst enjoys discussion on the forum, is usually learning from others rather than actively engaging in debate.

I see we think along the same lines xD



I used to be a motivated forum kid beginner but now I’m the silent one who complains to myself about how slow WK is. My existence has been forgotten here :slight_smile:


Oshin never forget Dimi. Au revoir!


How dare :angryface:

also I dont see myself halp I want to belong somewhere


Maybe they are just learning at their own pace :eyes:


The “Learning Japanese Sent Me Insane” User

Everything is going peachy, you level up at a nice and steady pace. You chat on the forums, make new friends, get some of those sweet, sweet likes on your posts, everyone is happy. You start being able to read basic Japanese, say basic phrases. Everything is going well.

But then you start seeing Kanji where there should be no Kanji. First it’s just inconsequential things, like seeing the occasional katakana hidden beトween English words. But then it’s on your cereal, in your mouthwash, growing in the trees.
You can’t get away from it, every time you walk down the street you can feel them there, the men with Kanji for faces. You get home, exhausted, you close the doors, draw the curtains, secure the locks.

But there is no escape, you cut open your well deserved pie for dinner, but it’s just full of Kanji. You put on your pyjamas and hide under the covers. Then, when you finally manage to get to sleep. There’s a knock at your door. It’s the Kanji. It’s come for you. You try to scream but only Kanji comes out.


I don’t quite see myself anywhere either. A WK plodder (sloooow) but still making strides in Japanese (just not so much on WK/kanji), and who is active in the forums. That is me. I guess I should come up with a catchy name and a fun description. Or maybe one of the awesomely creative folks who’ve already done some can do it. Except, maybe I don’t belong to a type? Maybe I’m just an outlier. (I’m not suggestion I am, it is just a bit late in the day here in Japan for me to think up if others are like me. 15 mins to midnight, babe!)


I’m mostly number 5 (this is my second forum comment I think!) I don’t use enough scripts to be number 6 but I do use the mistake override because I tend to type too fast and typo, but I’ll admit that I’ve used it a few times because I forgot a rendaku somewhere (shame on me!)

I’d suggest another type of user, the pen and paper! I write down every radical, every kanji and every vocab I get, been doing that since level 2. I also give myself some kanji writing drills every level where I’ll write down each new Kanji 30~40 times and make notes of the difference between printed and written forms as well as the stroke order (thank you, jisho.org!) I know I don’t need to write down anything to learn but I actually want to learn to write and I think it’s been helping me memorize things better.


I think your ratios here are a bit off >_>



I love how this is composed in a style reminiscent of the mnemonic stories that accompany everything on WK, full of imagery and written in the second person hahahaha! It’s perfect, by the end I was half expecting a pronunciation tip to pop-up :slight_smile:


The Nic Cage:

He’s not learning kanji, he’s too busy being awesome and winning Oscars. But he feels honoured by the mention of his name and his movie series National Treasure, so he would drop some wisdom here and there every so often. He doesn’t worship The Holy Crabigator but he drinks beer with Him on a regular basis.