3 month long levels, any suggestions?

How can I see that level graph?

If you mean the level up graph, here : wkstats

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I think you accuracy is good considering you’re doing reviews only once per day.

If you want to do 1 level per month, around 5-6 lessons a day is good.

Your problem seems to be your reviews, since you are only doing them once a day, it’s takes a long time and you don’t have the energy/motivation to your lessons.
I would suggest to try to do some reviews throughout the day. Do you use the website or an app to do your reviews ? I find it easier to go through my reviews on the app, that way I can do some reviews when I have some down time like while cooking, waiting for the bus, waiting for my code to compile at work :smiley:
I don’t know if it would suit you but you can try it and see if it could help you.

Another lead to explore would be Anki mode to do your reviews more quickly.

I hope you will find a way that works for you :slight_smile:

Yeh, found it cheers.

Did you use a computer to do the reviews? I suggest switching to a mobile device.
You can use Flaming Durtles if you use Android. I found that switching to a mobile app is a way to increase the frequency and don’t have to sit to do the reviews. I rarely do the reviews on a computer now.


I do reviews 1-2 a day, but increase that twice per level: when I get the level up and when i finsh the radicals then I actually put a reminder on to tell me when to do reviews in 4 and 8 hours respectivels to get the first two stage out of the way in the first day.
Furthermore I always do all lessons that are crucial to level up. So assuming you get a level up I will burn through all vocabulary and the radicals for the next level. Then I do the rest over time. This gets me 8-10 days per level. (10 days if I fuck up to many Kanji and get delayed by a whole two days on the last stage)
I recommend doing the reviews in a similar rythm because since I am doing this remembering became a lot easier and I can rush through levels with little effort.
As a reference point I have 114 study days with 11,126 reviews in 35hours.
(to be fair I reset WK, but my accuracy did not change after I passed the point where I was previously)
That is also how I know that doing it slow only demotivates and lets lessons and revies pile up, which is just super unproductive. Trying to finsh as fast as I can really helpoed me in all regards and I would recommend to try it out.

Jesus, I didn’t even know this was possible. I’ve been considering cutting down on how many lessons I’ve been doing, but that’s an insane amount of time. I’m glad I saw this post.

same here,

but I prefer now leaving some batches of review for late evening so I can use the computer to practice with the jitai script and get used to those godawful handwriting as a way of more challenge, usually I get beaten by those :sweat_smile:

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