21 days and counting

Level 3, 21 days and counting. Should I give up!!??

I’m trying to manage the workload by keeping the apprentice count down to 60ish before I do new lessons. Is this overly conservative?

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Don’t give up! There’s nothing wrong with taking a longer time to complete a level. Everyone has their own schedules.

60 sounds like a manageable workload and I wouldn’t say that it is overly conservative. Rather, I would like you to consider challenging yourself. Try raising it a little to 70 and see if you can manage it. If you can, either stay or challenge yourself even further. If you don’t think you can handle it, there is no shame in going back down to 60!

As a general rule, I take in 15 vocab items or 10 kanji items per day. With this, my apprentice count always stays below 100 given that I get around 70-90% of my reviews right. I can handle this because I am currently on my summer break and spend a few hours a day to learn Japanese. I expect things to get slower for me when the new school term starts.

Good luck and hope you have been enjoying your stay in WaniKani!


Hello there !

I am only level 2, and can already see that in the long run, it is going to be quite difficult to maintain the rhythm.

How long does it usually take to finish level 2 ? I have the feeling I have been on that level for too long (level 2 for one week already, and no vocab yet)

According to wkstats.com , I spent about 11 days in level 2. Note that this figure indicates the time I spent in level 2, which does not take into account learning vocabulary (since leveling up only requires you to guru your radicals and kanji). In other words, I may have leveled up without learning a single vocabulary and learning them took me several more days.

Again, like I said before, there is no shame in spending more time in a single level. Individuals have varying goals and external commitments. Especially in level 2, you are likely to still be figuring out your own pace and how WaniKani works. I’d say don’t worry too much and focus on being able to learn the items well. Some people try to go fast and end up not retaining as much information than they had hoped.

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