🌠 A quest to learn japanese! (meagstudies' study log)

omg yeah I try not to join book clubs during April bc I tend to be busy then (this year included) and i’m already bad enough with sticking with clubs as it is lol… but I wanna read all these books so bad!!

Are D14-21, the 65432, and the Q7/Q8 columns in your spreadsheet book clubs too? If so, woah that’s a lot of clubs, good luck!!

(thank you for motivating me to do my reviews this morning so I can have a truly accurate count here :joy:)

Up until recently I’ve been using Lesson Lock so I only do reviews when Apprentice+(Guru/10)<150, but now I’m doing 15/day with the new lesson algorithm. At this point I’m just trying to get to the end!

But before recently it was pretty typical to see ~110 apprentice and ~400 guru. or maybe more like 115:350

Scripts in the screenshot
  • WaniKani Dashboard SRS and Leech Breakdown - breaks down apprentice/guru into their smaller levels (e.g., I have 60 Apprentice 4), also shows how many leeches (124 guru leeches…)
  • Levels by SRS - highest level where 90% have reached that level. e.g., I have burned at least 90% of level 35!
  • Progress Percentages - the wkstats charts but on your dash! I set it to jouyou kanji progress