殺人出産 🤰🔪 Book Club

Is there anybody in here who hasn’t voted for the next book yet and wants to be a tie-breaker? :eyes:


I don’t believe @jhol613 has voted yet. :eyes:

:flushed:You caught me…

I’ve been dreading saying this so I haven’t yet, but I can’t fully commit to the next pick yet. I was thinking about voting for my second choice so that my top one could stay in the hopper but I couldn’t bring myself to do something so ずるい, so I abstained (although as @Phryne said we’ll be reading them all eventually anyway so I guess it wouldn’t be such a problem).

With クビキリサイクル I’m pushing my reading limits as it is. I still plan on buying whatever we pick and giving it a shot. Regardless of whether I can keep up on the next pick though I will be 100% back on board for whatever comes after.



Time for a new story!


There goes another story! :grin:


Penultimate story, antepenultimate week!


I FINALLY HAVE INTERNET AGAIN! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: I know this probably feels like I’ve risen from the dead with how long I’ve been absent from the club. Long story short, I moved to a new place, which involved far too much drama for my liking. To be frank, there’s still a ton of boxes that need to be unpacked (:sweat_smile:), but I’m going to do my best to get back on reading (and responding!) to this book. I don’t know if I can pull another catch-up like I did earlier, but if I can finish before we all start the next one by Murata-sensei, then I’ll be satisfied. Wish me luck! :muscle::triumph:


I’ve noticed that there has been no discussion so far about our week 13 reading. In my case it’s because I haven’t had the chance to read it yet (the ol’ “underestimating my book club workload” chickens coming home to roost once again). How is everyone else doing? There was mention of a one week break in the past. Shall we take an extra week’s time for week 13, or shall I post the week 14 thread as planned?

  • Keep going according to the schedule
  • Let’s take another week to finish week 13

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Exactly the same here. I’m sure I could catch up at some point during the next week but I also wouldn’t mind a break to catch up in a more relaxed manner :sweat_smile:


Guilty! I’ve mostly been good at keeping up, but only about half way through week 13. Wouldn’t mind the extra week.


I would love to keep going but as someone who’s constantly fighting back a torrent of self-assigned reading, I can handle a break here and there. Might give @softlyraining a chance to finish with the rest of us as well.


The poll has spoken. We’ll take one extra week. I’ll edit the schedule in the OP.


Week 14 is up!


Last week! :partying_face:

Will their relationship survive that extremely awkward ‘medical treatment’? Who knows! Let’s find out!


Hello to all German speakers in here,

next week there will be a lecture about 殺人出産 (the short story, not the whole book) at University Vienna. You can watch it live on Zoom without registration (if you live in Vienna, you can even attend the session in-person) or use the recording later on. Please see below for details.

Das Ende des Intimen - Raumkonstruktionen in Murata Sayakas 'Satsujin Shussan'

Ronald Saladin
„Das Ende des Intimen - Raumkonstruktionen in Murata Sayakas Satsujin Shussan

Datum: Donnerstag 04.11.2021, 18:30 ~20:00 (MEZ)

Ort: Institut für Ostasienwissenschaften - Japanologie, Seminarraum JAP1, Spitalgasse 2, Hof 2.4 (Campus), 1090 Wien
Das Zoom Meeting ist ab 18:15 (MEZ) geöffnet.

Ronald Saladin (Universität Trier) analysiert in diesem virtuellen Vortrag die Kurzgeschichte Satsujin Shussan mit einem Fokus auf Raumkonstruktionen. Dabei wird nicht nur die Frage aufgeworfen, wo Privates endet und öffentlicher Einfluss auf intimste Bereiche des Lebens beginnt, sondern ebenso karikiert, inwiefern „Normales“ unumstößlich als „normal“ angesehen werden kann.

Die Veranstaltung findet in hybrider Form statt. Für eine begrenzte Anzahl von max. 25 Personen ist die Teilnahme vor Ort möglich, gleichzeitig kann weiterhin online via Zoom teilgenommen werden. Für die Präsenzteilnahme ist eine Registrierung vorab mit Namen und Telefonnummer unter ujapanlectures.ostasien@univie.ac.at notwendig.

Bitte beachten Sie die geltenden CoViD-Maßnahmen der Bundesregierung und die Bestimmungen für Veranstaltungen der Universität Wien. Für den Aufenthalt in den Räumlichkeiten der Universität Wien gilt eine FFP2-Maskenpflicht sowie die 3-G-Regel [getestet, geimpft, genesen] (Sie müssen vor Eintritt entweder einen Nachweis über einen negativen PCR-Test, eine Impfung oder Genesung vorweisen).

Weitere Informationen zur Präsenzteilnahme, Vortragenden, das Abstract zum Vortrag sowie weitere Termine der u:japan lectures finden Sie unter:

Tatamis and Concrete – Antonin Raymond and the challenges of early modern architecture in interwar Japan

Teilnahme am Vortrag über das Zoom Meeting:
Link: Launch Meeting - Zoom
Meeting-ID: 982 8616 4086
Kenncode: 779550

Wir freuen uns über Ihre Teilnahme!
Mit herzlichen Grüßen,
Bernhard Leitner und Florian Purkarthofer

PS: Sollten Sie einen Vortrag verpasst haben oder ihn nochmals ansehen wollen, dann besuchen Sie unsere „Recorded Lectures“-Seite: Recorded Lectures


Oh damn, wasn’t there another lecture or speech or w/e some time ago? Did anyone watch it? I completely forgot about it. :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:


Yeah, there was a session where Murata read a few passages from Konbini ningen, and there was some discussion around it. At least @Belerith and I watched it, and I think some other WKers were in the audience as well. There were some technical struggles unfortunately, but overall I thought it was very nice. Although everything took very very long because the translation was not simultaneous but in series. On the other hand, it was very interesting to hear how certain things were being translated :slight_smile:


I finished the book and let’s just say that it has scared me away from reading any other Murata books for a while. :sweat_smile: It wasn’t bad, but I found it very unpleasant to read much of the time.