極限脱出 9時間9人9の扉 (Zero Escape: 999) 🗝 Week 2 (Visual Novel Book Club)

Week 2: Starting April 7th

極限脱出 9時間9人9の扉 :old_key: Home Thread!

This is being read as part of the Visual Novel Book Club.

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This week we’re reading three scenes starting from the 4th square on the flowchart. This does include a branch on the flowchart, so be sure to check the choices section for instructions and to compare with the flowchart picture when you finish!

Note: it’s not always obvious when a section ends, so try to keep an eye on the flowchart when you think you’re getting close to the end. Below is a screenshot of how your flowchart should look and where the section ends. Screenshots are under a double spoiler so you can unblur one at a time (minimizing spoilers).

Screenshots (potential spoilers)

Current flowchart:

Stop here:

The next section is a puzzle section so it should be pretty obvious when it starts; when it flashes through a few different scenes and says “seek a way out” you’re in the right place!

General Advice

In the remastered version, novel sections have two reading modes: novel and adventure. The mode you are currently in is displayed in the top right; click on it to swap between the two. Novel mode includes both dialogue and narrative text, while adventure mode includes only dialogue. Which you read is up to you; novel mode generally gives you more information by nature of writing out descriptions of events, while adventure mode is less reading by nature of being only dialogue.

Note: the game will occasionally force you into the other mode. When this happens, you can simply click the button in the top right to swap back; however, if it forces you into novel mode, there may be a reason it does so, so proceed with caution!


The choices are under a double spoiler so you can unblur one choice at the time (minimizing spoilers). For those of you who would like to go through the game blind as to which choices matter, I am including baseline responses for all choices. However, for those of you who would like to make your own choices where it doesn’t affect story progression, whether a choice is critical or not is marked under a second spoiler below each choice.


サンタと紫 (3 + 6)

required: yes | no


required: yes | no

≪(8 3 6 5)—— この数字根はいくつになるだろう?≫
【 4 】

required: yes | no

このまま【 4 】の扉でかまわない

required: yes | no

Guides if you want to check choices yourself (beware of spoilers!)

From what I can tell it seems like major spoilers and puzzle answers are hidden, but proceed with caution!

Japanese guide
English guide


In case anyone has trouble with the puzzles or that just isn’t their thing, I’m including the relevant puzzle instructions. Of course you’re welcome to ask for help in the thread as well! If you are trying to figure it out I’d recommend asking for hints here first, as the guides are somewhat hit or miss with how much they reveal and how quickly.

Puzzle guides

No puzzles this week!

Discussion Rules

  • Please use spoiler tags for major events in the current chapter/part and any content in future chapters/parts.
  • When asking for help, do your best to provide context. Pasted text, screenshots, descriptions, etc. Unlike book clubs we can’t flip to relevant pages, so we may need a little help identifying exactly what is being discussed.
  • Feel totally at ease to ask questions or give your thoughts, any time! Clubs live and die by participation, and asking whatever question you have, no matter how silly it may seem, helps others who are reading it and even the answerer themselves.
  • Have fun, and do your best to interpret anything said with as much good faith as possible :slightly_smiling_face:


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If you’re looking for any indication of length, this reading took me about 2h 10min, so I’d estimate it’s about 1/3 longer than the previous one. As always, let me know how the pacing feels as you go, and we’ll do a poll again toward the end of the week.

As far as choices, for now I’ve decided to include designated responses for all choices for people who want to go through without knowing which ones matter, but I’ve indicated which ones do and don’t matter for those of you who want to mess around with choices a bit. Let me know if you have any thoughts on that front as well!


Thank you for all your hard work setting this up, choices, screenshots and all! :slight_smile:
It seems I’m in accordance with the club’s choices so far, and that I’ve also completed this section fully. So I’ll properly join you next week!


All caught up \o/ . I’m following the specified choices in the OP, I don’t mind following a predefined path at all, it’s all really interesting to me anyway :joy: feels like watching a movie.

This week was 18.1k characters according to my HTML file.

This week's full content spoilers

Well the first thing to talk about is the guy with the 9th bracelet. I’ll be seeing ya I guess :joy: . See, I mentioned in the week 1 thread that all the characters seemed likeable to me but then this guy opened his mouth and I thought otherwise… guess I don’t have to care about him any more, huh.

The codenames for everyone was a great touch. It seems like everyone is displaying a lot of personality already and I love that. I also really like how they didn’t make Seven the all-time cliche of the strong and dumb character who can’t think to save their life, so far he seems fairly witty even if he’s tried to break stuff by force a couple times already. I wonder how ニルス is transcribed in English so I can use that instead, Niels? Nils? Anyway, I really like the rest of the team so far. The note in Braille moment before disclosing what it was was funny xD.

Pretty interesting mechanism for the doors as well. So far the attention to detail is nice too, with how they mentioned that the explosive is not retrievable any more for being in the guts. There were a few moments that I thought were cool with the explanations like that, explaining how they need to do it exactly and why it’s impossible otherwise, absolutely no other way and Zero will have it their way and that’s it, apparently no other method available for the time being.

It left me wondering though, if the guy with the 9th bracelet is no longer around, what happens to the bracelet? Is it destroyed in the explosion, or can they retrieve it and use it? Because apparently it’s not really the bracelet that opens the door but the hand of the person that has it attached, I guess? I guess we’ll have to wait to get any mention of that from the other team when (if?) we meet again. Junpei did mention wanting to examine the body though so there must be something missing there, hoping it will be addressed at some point.

Not sure if I’m missing anything else I want to discuss right now but I’ll come back to it as the discussion goes and I read everyone else’s thoughts :3

Loving this. Pretty nice stopping point too, the anticipation of that puzzle :smile: .


Done! Read longer than I usually do in a day, but still finished this section in a single day, so I’m happy about that.


I knew where we were going of course, but quite the exciting week. I hope no one was especially excited to hear more from #9, haha. That description of his remains was probably the trickiest part in Japanese for me, and quite gross!

A few characters are landing more strongly in the early days than they did before and I’m wondering how much that’s related to it being years since my last read vs the differences in reading in Japanese. I like the way role language and the like works for someone like Seven, and Santa is pretty amusing too.

They actually just make it Snake. Like, snake eyes, 2 on dice. I have to wonder if the localizers were amused by including a reference to eyes in his name as well :skull:

(Spoilers) Reply to Daisoujou, English transcriptions

Oh well :joy: . I wonder how we should address the characters then, are there any other differences like that? Should we use Japanese instead? :thinking: Off the top of my head, hopefully I’m not remembering wrong:

Number Japanese English
1 一宮(いちみや) Ace
2 ニルス Snake
3 サンタ Santa
4 四葉(よつば) Clover
5 淳平(じゅんぺい) Junpei
6 紫(むらさき) June
7 セブン Seven
8 八代(やしろ) Lotus

Feel free to complete the English ones if you remember. Not sure how you all want to do it though, I don’t mind using the Japanese like we did at the start of Loopers but not having to swap input language constantly is certainly convenient too. We can create our own transcriptions if they differ too much. Mostly I’m curious though!

Edit: updated English names.

English names

I should’ve included this detail from the beginning but #1 is Ace, #4 is Clover, and #8 is Lotus in English. In addition to Snake, those are the different ones. Otherwise it’s still Santa, Murasaki, and Seven. Good call to not look anything up yourself, very easy game/series to spoil.

English names

#6 is June in the English version! The rest look correct.

BTW, I’ve been running behind because of a trip but I’m hoping to get caught up over the next week! Hopefully I won’t be too long since I’m fairly familiar with the English script already…

(And, agreed, be very careful with looking anything up with this series - the wiki is notorious for blatant spoilers in page titles/character images, and I got spoiled myself by Google autocomplete :sob:)


Thanks for the correction, updated it :slight_smile: .

The ultimate boss ;-; I’ll try to avoid looking anything up at all costs.

English names again

Oops, I think you’ve got them mixed up: Junpei is still Junpei, Murasaki is June


Ah thanks :joy: that was confusing, I thought for a moment if the number wasn’t a typo there but it was me who got it wrong. Interesting choice, they seem so similar.


Wow week 2’s almost over already; I’m glad everyone’s having a good time with the game so far! Time for pacing check-in:

How’s the section going?
  • I have a lot left
  • I’m not quite done, but I’ll probably be finished by the next assignment
  • I finished using most of the time allotted to me
  • I finished and would feel comfortable going a little faster
  • I finished and would feel comfortable going significantly faster

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I’m about to try to finish playing through the next assignment to see how the length feels and such so I’ll let you guys know! Based on the super-tentative schedule week 3 would be the last assignment with 3 scenes, but that’s very much subject to change so we’ll get that worked out :+1:

Name discussions

I’m personally inclined to either write the names in Japanese or some transcribed approximation, but everyone can do whatever feels right for them I think, I imagine it won’t be hard to work out with context and such!

A little fun thing with 紫’s name: 紫 can also be read as あかね as a name :eyes:


Not quite there yet but, I need a recharge break (laptop, DS, body). Plus I have laundry to do. Which means switching the DS over to 漢検 study mode. In the mean time, the sentence that I’m currently on isn’t breaking down for me. I have no idea what kind of format everybody has for questions in page-less VN land. I apologize in advance.

right after 淳平...

right after 淳平 sits 紫 down in a chair. He turns around to the others and says:
一体どうしてこんなことになったんだ!! which I interpret loosely as “why the junk is all of this happening! who would arrange such a thing! tell me!”
It’s the sentence that appears with that dialogue that I’m struggling with:

その間 in the mean time

いかけに ← what is this part?

答える者はなかった people didn’t answer


I don’t know how to see the text again in game to check (I probably can’t?), but are you sure it’s not 問いかけ?


Yeah seconded, I believe it was 問いかけ! And if you ever do want to look back at things you can go back to previous scenes through the flowchart, you’d have to click through or skip or whatever to what you’re looking for but it’s a possibility.


Yep, that was it. Pretty obvious now of course :ox:
Thanks for the help


Based on last week pace is fine/okay to increase for me, I just picked a lot left because I’ve been working more overtime this week and haven’t had time to start. Tomorrow! I am to spend most my of the morning on it.


Same here, I’ve still got a while to go in week 2. Although I picked the “not quite done but probably be finished by next assignment” since I’m fine with the pacing and once I actually do read it I know I’ll be able to get through it quickly, but I just haven’t read it :sweat: Maybe I should switch it to the “a lot left” option though like you did since that’s more accurate?


From my perspective at least the polls are more about how you feel about the length. Like yeah sometimes things come up and you can’t read as much, but you know yourself and your abilities far better than I do so just use your best judgment! If you’re okay with increasing pace then feel free to indicate that; if we’re gonna keep up with club standards we have to at some point anyway :laughing:


I think it’d be better to just ask about pace directly tbh.