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week start date chapters pages count
13 jun 6 12 &13 3-62 60
14 jun 13 14 & 15 63-124 62
15 jun 20 16, 17, & extra 125-187 63

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Week 13

Chapter 12

name description Pages sign up
ヨナ Princess, filled with determination beari
イクス Priest, helpless without Yoon
ユン Grumpy bishounen Kraddak
ハク Bodyguard, made a move and got headbutted Rain

Chapter 13

name description Pages sign up
ヨナ Princess, filled with determination
イクス Priest, helpless without Yoon iterimpius
ユン Grumpy bishounen
ハク Bodyguard, made a move and got headbutted kusuri
Week 14

Chapter 14

name description Pages sign up
イクス Priest, sold his shoes for 1 potato First half, Second half beari , iterimpius
ユン Adorable Thief Kraddak

Chapter 15

name description Pages sign up
ヨナ Princess, filled with determination
ユン Grumpy bishounen
ハク Bodyguard, good archer/bad teacher
Week 15

Chapter 16

name description Pages sign up
ハク Yona’s bodyguard all Vasi
ヨナ Princess, with a renewed red hair self-esteem - -
白龍の里の住民 Villagers; actually a red-hair-worshipping cult - -
ユン pretty boy genius, yet still, got captured - Kraddak
白龍 White Snek! - beari
Granny, tiny but loud - Vasi
4DWvoices (can be read along with hakuryuu too) - Vasi

Chapter 17

name description Pages sign up
白龍の里の住民 villagers, but they’re all crybabies - -
ヨナ princess, now with her first 4DW - beari
白龍 White Snek! - Vasi
ユン pretty boy genius, not captured anymore - Kraddak
ハク bodyguard, easily bribed - -
Granny - -

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@Mods Can you turn the first post into a wiki please? :slight_smile:

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It’s a wiki now!


I just found this new WK-inspired website called Natively, which you can use to track Japanese books you’ve read, rate them, and help grade them by difficulty for others. I think you guys might like it. They just recently added in Yona as well, after I requested it.


Sounds super interesting, thank you for recommending it kusuri!

I also use goodreads and bookmeter/ 読書メーター for tracking progress and checking reviews, so if any of you are on those, let me know! :relieved::books:

@kusuri I’ve seen that around the forums. Looks neat and what I was looking for when trying to figure out what native books to buy, but I’m already tracking my reading on bookmeter and my personal spreadsheet so I’ll pass for now.

@iterimpius my Bookmeter :blush:

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Yeah I’m kind of in the same boat. Earlier this year I would’ve loved to have a website that showed me what each book’s difficulty was and helped me choose what to read next. But then I worked out a spreadsheet and went from there…

It IS interesting to see the book’s difficulty rankings (ranked out of 60). The books I read without issue (Flying Witch 20, Aria 21, Yona 22, ) are rated around the low 20s, and Kiki’s (which I read last year and strugglebussed my way through) is 26. If I had known this last year…Aaaargh.

Does bookmeter have a difficulty ranking? Maybe I should check that out.

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Thank youy @beari ! I added you! :blush:

@kusuri it definitely is interesting, and super handy! I find it very useful to more or less know what the level of the book is going to be, it can save us a lot of struggle. Unfortunately, Bookmeter doesn’t have a difficulty ranking (at least not that I know of), but if you like to keep count of how much content you’ve spent reading (be it intensive or extensive reading), and also if you like to read or write reviews, it’s definitely worth checking it out!

Alrighty - I’ve read almost a full chapter, and I have some grammar questions. Any thoughts on the following sentences?

  1. Page 20 - Hak’s line 死にてェな What does the てェ part mean? I can’t parse this sentence very well.

  2. Page 21 - Hak’s line そのぶっさいくな 泣き顔が - I’m not sure what ぶっさいく, Jisho says that ぶっ means strong, suddenly, etc, and さいく can mean trick. So maybe he’s saying that her crying face is a strong/sudden trick…but I’m not sure.

  3. Page 26 - 神官の家つったらもっと祠的なとこかと思った What is the つったら word? Whyyyy no kanji, 作家さん???

Edit: Added number 2.

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This mostly comes down to Hak’s habit of not speaking in a very “textbook” way.

  1. 死にてぇ is actually just 死にたい. You’ll find that some “manly” characters tend to change あい and あえ type sounds into ええ sounds (a really common example would be changing おまえ into おめぇ)

  2. I think this one is just ぶさいく (literally “ugly”) he’s just adding extra emphasis, sort of pausing between syllables. I don’t think he actually means she’s ugly, but more of the tears making her ugly. I actually have no idea what the キたんで slang is (きたので is what it looks like, but idk what that would even mean here), but I interpret the whole page from context to basically be him seeing her crying face makes him want to die once to see just how much she will cry (what a jerk lol)

  3. I’m not 100% sure, but I think this is a contraction of と言ったら. I’ve seen つーの and つーか/つか quite a bit for というの and というか. So it seems like つったら being といったら would fit the pattern pretty well.


Thanks Rain, that’s really helpful!

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Just in case anyone didn’t get the book yet:
When I checked on bookwalker today, I saw that you can get volume 1 - 5 for free.

It says for limited time on top, but usually the ones that are marked as 0 yen stay in the library forever. (Not 100% sure if this applies here, but doesn’t hurt to try right? :smiley: )


Added you on instagram too! I’ve been looking for more people to follow on language studygram~

If it says 無料お試し版 it’s only free to read until the end of the promotion period. I know, unfortunate :pensive:

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Ah I see! I thought that only applied to those where the price also says “無料” instead of 0 yen.
But I have to admit I don’t really understand the system there and I’m happy either way when I get to read something for free. haha

Do you know if it says anywhere how long it will be free?

Ah I found how long it’s free, so it’s free until June 17th.
Then it can’t even be used for the volume 3 read. :sweat:

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That’s nice! I love 無料 stuff!.
Thank you for the heads up.

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Hello @sakuchu

Did you manage to find the book somehow? Just to let everyone know, you can read Yona on LINEマンガ and on マンガPark apps for free, for most of the chapters! The former has them available till the end of the year and you can use one free coin (in-app) per day, and the latter gives you three free coins a day! Both apps have each chapter split into two separate entries (chapter numeration seems kinda off at first because of this), so in order to read one entire chapter you need at least two coins, but you can alternate between apps!

Also, thank you @beari :sparkling_heart:


I replied to wrong post, please don’t mind me :sweat_smile:

Anyways, I hope you can all grab freebie chapters if you need to :kissing_smiling_eyes:
If we are raising speed to 2 chapters per week, it means we need to make physical volumes available to us sooner than before, so in the meantime, I hope this system can ease some of us!

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How should we split chapter 12? Yona can be split, but everyone else doesn’t talk as much and there’s only a few characters. Yoon does have a lot of lines, but it’s mostly from those two pages in the beginning.

@iterimpius thanks for sharing! マンガ Park is great. I don’t think I download lineマンガ from the US App Store thoemphasized text

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I believe LINEマンガ is only available in the Japanese marketplace/ AppStore, but there are some ways around that. (QooApp for Android I believe, and a Japanese Apple ID for iOS).

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